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Help protect the TIGER

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Tigers live in the counties of South East Asia, China, Korea and Russia, they like living in swamps, grasslands and rainforests. There are nine species of tigers, these include ‘the Siberian tiger, the Bengal Tiger, Indochinese Tiger, Malayan Tiger, South China Tiger, Bali Tiger, Caspian Tiger, Javan Tiger and the Javan Tiger’.  Three of these species are already instinct, these are The Caspian tiger, Bali tiger and Javan Tiger and even though these tigers are known to be instinct the White tiger is not. The White tiger is a pigmentation variant of the Bengal species of tiger. They live in the wild in the Indian States of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar, the Sundarbans regions and in the former state of Rewa.

There are only 3,890 tigers left in the world and they are under threat of instinction. Tigers habitat is in danger because they have been destroyed and degraded by human activities. Building of road networks leave tigers in the open with small scattered islands, leaving it easier for poaching. Sea levels rise caused by climate change and is capable of wiping out forests as well as the tigers.

These charities work to help stop poaching and raise the number of tigers in the world.


WWF’s challenges are to tackle climate change, stop illegal wildlife poaching, sustaining forests, keep rivers flowing and help protect oceans and coasts.


The Born Free Foundation’s missions are to keep wild animals in the wild, to protect their habitat from disappearing and keep them free from poaching.


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