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Heatwave Hailstorms Hit North of England and Europe

Hail the “size of golf balls” hits northern parts of England and Europe during the record-breaking high temperatures.

Residents in Yorkshire and County Durham say the violent storms were “unbelievable” causing damage to cars, windows and roofs.

In Ravensworth, the violent hailstorm lasted 5 minutes and was unpredictable as there was sunshine one minute and storms the next.


massive hail stones

A witness of the storm states how every car in his street was damaged and being outside within the storm would be lethal as “those things could have killed someone.”

The storms peaked today (Thursday 2nd July) causing 40,000 homes to go without electricity. The Met Office recorded more than 19,525 lightning strikes in the UK.

England weather is forecasted to decrease in temperature whereas parts of Europe- Southern France and Spain- face temperatures up to 40C until next week.



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