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Calum Terras
Calum Terras. Image courtesy of news.sky.com

Headless corpse found on Blackpool beach has now been identified

Last month a headless body was discovered on a Blackpool beach, the body has now been identified as belonging to Calum Terras.

Terras, 27, went missing earlier this year in January, and extensive forensic testing has confirmed that the decapitated body does, in fact, belong to him.

Terras went missing from his home in Fleet Street, Blackpool, on January 5. According to police there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Terras’ death.

On October 16, a fisherman discovered the body on Queen’s Promenade (near Bispham).

Force Major Investigation Team’s, Det Supt John Holmes said: “We have kept Mr Terras’ family fully updated throughout this process and our thoughts remain with them at this time.”

Calum’s brother, Ian Terras, described him as an “amazing…kind, loving person.”

“He would go out of his way to please anyone who crossed his path and would bend over backwards to make a small difference in people’s lives,” he said, adding “I would also like to mention that he had another nephew called Archie who unfortunately he never got to meet as he was born May 9.

“His full name being Archie Calum Terras who is a beautiful, happy boy just like Calum before the mental illness… Calum did try his hardest to seek help, even trying to admit himself to a mental health hospital.”

In a statement Terras’ family also said: “We hope that Calum’s death will raise awareness of the suffering of lots of young men due to mental illnesses and that people fully realise that depression is like any other illness of the body, it’s just that it affects a person’s mind”. The family also thanked the police, saying “We would like to say a special thank you to the police, particularly our family liaison officers DS Kathryn Riley and DC Emma Shuttleworth. They have been extremely helpful, sensitive, open and honest throughout.”

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