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Have Yourself A Merry Bookish Party

Summer has come to an end and you’ve been to your fair share of parties. You’ve even managed to host a party that did not end up in a disaster and had non-stop laughter. Maybe it’s time to throw a bookish themed party for all your friends and family. Here are 4 ways to have a merry bookish party. Ready, set, party!

Cake, cake and more cake

bookish cupcake


Cakes have the ability to put a smile on a sad face. Yummy cakes or cupcakes add an extra sweetness to parties. Imagine cute cupcakes with literary characters or books!

Use That Bunting


Maybe bunting is a must-have at the parties that you host. For a literary/bookish feel why not decorate your walls with bunting that spell out various books. You could even use old newspaper for a vintage feel.

Bookish Party Games

game in a jar

Party games: they always bring out the competitive side in guests. If your party is full of books-worms a game of guessing quotes form popular books may be a hit. On the other hand, you could have a go at book charades. If you’re feeling super creative get your guests to tell a story using slips of paper in a jar.

Book Raffle


Who doesn’t love a free book? A raffle is a great way to be generous to your guests.

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