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Has Drake Taken One Dance Too Many?

Who else remembers rushing to Woolworths or HMV rushing to get hot new singles or CD’s, or listening to the radio on a Sunday afternoon to find out the UK number 1? To find out whether your favourite act had hung on for one more week to the number 1 spot, thus making them more popular. Well no longer do people seem to buy CD’s, nor songs off iTunes as it seems. In the current day, it is almost as easy to listen to new music through streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music as it is to listen to BBC Radio 1.

With a change in the way we listen to music becoming so popular, the chart company themselves have had to change how the UK number 1 is decided. In the past, it was purely down to the amount of single’s sold and albums bought. However, barely anybody anymore buys CD’s or singles, with music so readily available either through itunes, or Spotify. Now, the chart company combines sales with on-demand/streaming services. This change means that acts are no longer judged purely on their sales, meaning the number 1 is not always the best song.

The current UK number 1 is a primary example of how this change in deciding can have it’s faults. Drake’s tune, One Dance, has been UK number one for 15 weeks now, only being beaten by Bryan Adam’s song Everything I do, which was number one for 16 weeks and drove everybody mad.

Drake has a lot to do to beat those two classic songs, but with streaming services such as Spotify featuring the song in playlists, it means that the song gets move coverage. If you look at the sales chart, the song is only 11th in the chart, not being top since the 3rd week. It highlights that the song is not as popular as those great tunes before it, and only being kept at the top through millions of streams.

Considering the song is not Drake’s strongest, with songs such as Hotline Bling preferred, it begs the question, should the chart company reconsider how we get the UK number 1? With the other two songs being popular solely on sales, surely their achievement is much better than Drake’s?

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