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Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie to co-produce spin-off, but is it really needed?

As one of the stand-out performers of the ‘disjointed’ Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie has now been reported to have signed with Warner Bros. for a Harley Quinn solo-film which she will executive produce.

Nothing has been announced about the details of this film, it does however, mark the further expansion of the DC Extended Universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robbie has signed a ‘first-look’ deal with Warner Bro., allowing them the rights to develop and produce films through her LucyChap Entertainment banner. With all this said, do we really need a Harley Quinn spin-off? Warner Bros. already contain a significant amount of films in their pipe-line (Justice Leauge, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Flash etc.) so adding another spin-off to their roster seems all to soon.

We all know that 2016 hasn’t been the best year for DC’s Cinematic Universe. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice received some horrid reviews both from critics and fans alike and then Suicide Squad, which looked like their needed saviour ended flat on its face, generating a similar response which was due to its messy narrative and non-existent story-line. Yet, despite all the negativity that have come with their recent films, they have still managed to generate a large amount of money from their productions and DC have already started planning for the future. With all this negativity surrounding Warner Bros. fans are still being optimistic seeing some promise in the trailers for Justice League and Wonder Woman and with recent news on the Ben Affleck-led solo Batman movie. So it seems DC have a lot ready for us heading into the 2017 slate.


So the question is, do we need another film in this already packed roster? My opinion is no, I really don’t see the point in this film and despite the positive publicity Margot got for the character I don’t see this character being a sort of person to have a stand-alone film and if you are to have this character featuring in her own movie, I think it’s way too soon.

Her character is still underdeveloped at the moment, she still needs to gain a better footing with our audience for her to be ready to feature in her own film. Whether this be in Suicide Squad 2 or the next Batman film. Just because she shined in an ensemble cast doesn’t mean she can amaze on her on. This is a key indicator for the character, for years, Harley Quinn was a prisoner to the Joker, she never left his side and the character is infamous for being cohort, someone who is part of a team. Without anyone supporting her in the background, I feel her unique portrayal could slowly diminish.

And this brings in another factor, we haven’t seen enough of Harley and Joker yet. We need to see their relationship blossom so  the independent change in Harley’s character can be deem possible and I know that fans have been craving this to appear on the big screen for years and to skip over it would be a disaster for the character and for DC.

This is why it’s too soon or even a reason for Harley to have her own movie. People need to learn and get to know her on screen character, she is someone who needs patience to get right and I believe she is even harder to work out than the sadistic Joker. Harley Quinn took years to appear on the cinematic stage, thus fans will be eagerly patient in order to see her be constructed correctly. It’s better to take your time than to rush it, just look at Marvel for example and how well they are doing with their own ever-expanding universe. I’d rather the production team take time and honour us fans than just doing it to get a big pay-check.  You all know that fans will pay to see the movies despite all the criticism, so for once Warner Bros. do us fans justice.

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