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Got Freshers flu? Registering with a Doctor

It is recommended that you register with a doctor as soon as you start your student life. Take some time out during your hectic freshers week to find the doctor’s practice so you can register.


If you do not live near the university check the list of postcodes in the catchment area before queuing to register at the Gower Place Practice. You can also choose to register with a practice closer to where you are living if you prefer. You can find services closest to you using the National Health Service website.

Most doctor’s practices are only open from Monday to Friday, normal working hours.



The National Health Service (NHS) is the health system in the UK which provides healthcare and dental services. More information, including registration forms can be found on the practice website.


You can book a scheduled appointment however you must turn up on time for it or face a fine. The other option is the ‘walk in surgery’ which works on a first come first serve basis. You may be waiting for up to 2 hours to be seen.

If you have minor illness and injuries including coughs, colds, flu, urinary infections, or require stitch removal, dressings, smear tests, sexual health advice, repeat contraceptive prescriptions and emergency contraception, you can attend the Nurses’ Walk-in Surgery.

When attending a University in the UK you are advised to be vaccinated against Meningitis C.

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