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Google Partners with Levi’s to Create Interactive Clothing

The future is here! With the wearable technology trend on the rise, Google have announced that they are teaming up with denim connoisseurs; Levi’s to create the world’s very first pair of “smart” jeans. This exciting new concept involves the use of a material that Google have named ‘Project Jacquard’ – a fabric technology that allows the adaptation of connected surfaces woven into garments.

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The intention behind the idea is to allow more efficient access to the controls of our smart devices in our everyday life. This means that there will be limited need to have a constant interaction with our hand held devices which can be distracting when on-the-go. Phil Dillinger, VP of innovation for Levi’s described this notion as “The opportunity to get our faces out of our phones, to be engaged in the real world again, to watch a concert instead of recording one.”


Simple motions will prompt the technology inside the clothing such as tapping or swiping will signal the mobile device to silence a call or send a message. Dillinger explains the practicality of the concept: “This intelligent design is tailored to the needs of the urban cyclist, so what we’re looking towards is just an additional tier of smart. It is a tier of complexity and a tier of useful value. There is a chance that clothing can do a lot more than just help carry our phones, and Jacquard integration can help enable the function.”

The collaboration has come about after Levi’s announced a 23% fall in profits in the first quarter of 2015. Furthermore, the company expect foreign exchange rates to further yield a negative affect on revenue. Levi’s hope that the announcement of the Google partnership will put them at the forefront of wearable technology innovations with their market taking fondly to this.


“The usability of the products that come out of Project Jacquard will be crucial to its success,” said Ruth Bernstein, founder of Yard – a creative agency working closely with Levi’s. “As a true American workwear brand, Levi’s clothing is already highly functional, so there is a high expectation that any innovation should be led by function over fluff. We all know Google has the innovation experience, but Levi’s can bring style, scale and a pioneering spirit to the collaboration, making it a good fit for both brands.” 

No official products have been announced as of yet, however, the first line can be expected to be released in 2016.

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