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Girl Power Politics

It seems only fitting that twenty years after the Spice Girls brought us the Girl Power slogan, there has been an insurgence of Girl Power in Politics. The UK now has a female Prime Minister at the helm, Angela Eagle is challenging Jeremy Corbyn to become leader of the opposition and over in the USA, Hilary Clinton is on course to be their first female Head of State. Western Politics has never encountered so much oestrogen!

source: PA via bbc.co.uk

source: PA via bbc.co.uk

In my opinion, this is a welcome addition to the women already in charge. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is a formidable force in fighting for Scotland’s rights at Westminster, even if it does mean breaking from the United Kingdom and since 2012, Leanne Wood has fronted Wales’ Plaid Cymru Party – their first female leader and strong ally to Sturgeon. Let’s not forget Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, in her historic third term. In November 2015, she was voted Forbes Magazine’s 2nd Most Powerful Person in the World, was a strong contender to win the Nobel Peace Prize over her handling of the refugee crisis and continues to hold a high influence in the European Union.

Men have been successful leading figures in Politics, even if we don’t always agree with every policy, but now is the time to see the World through a woman’s eyes. Right now, many feel our Country and Union are in a mess, and if gender stereotypes are to be believed, who better to clear things up than a woman? We can use our multi-tasking skills to fix the broken areas of society, get the best deal over Brexit and finally embrace equal pay. Luckily, we almost have a full-house of Girl Power Politics and what we really, really want is to prove women are just as capable as men, when in positions of power.

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