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Ghostbusters Actress Leslie Jones Receives Racist Abuse

Movie remakes tend to give a breath of new life to old and loved classics. Die-hard, stay-up-til-the-crack-of- dawn movie fans, who could recite the entire dialogue from more than one film, may prefer originals. Armed with a cast of talented women, Ghostbusters was relaunched this summer. Just in case no one noticed, the ensemble of bad-ass, ghost-fighting women included an African American, Leslie Jones.Ghostbusters remake

An actress and a comedian, Leslie Jones has been on the receiving end of racist slurs sent through twitter messages. Freedom of speech is a great privilege, especially since it doesn’t come freely to everyone. But, when free speech is used as an opportunity to condemn, humiliate, and dehumanise individuals, that it when a problem arises. Sure, a film can receive hate; some films don’t get it right all the time. But, racial-hate deserves no place in any movie franchise.

Hurt by the various racist tweets, Jones felt ‘numb’ and ‘so tired of it.’ Fortunately, good hearts and good minds still exist, as #LoveForLeslieJ started to trend on twitter, and stars like Ghostbusters director Paul Feig jumped to her defence.

Jones twitter 2


leslie jones twitter

Twitter has not been quiet on this issue, as a spokesman stated, ‘its (Twitter) take action on many of the accounts reported to us by both Leslie and others’ and, ultimately, responsibility of reporting such behaviour is dependent on the individual.

After such an experience, Jones has decided to take a break from twitter with a ‘heavy heart’.

Jones Twitter 3


Photo Credits: BBC and Twitter.

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