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Game developer sues Youtube critic for $10 Million

Jim Sterling a videogame critic on Youtube has a nemesis and it’s game developer Digital Homicide.

On March 16, Digital Homicide formally filed a lawsuit in Arizona District Court, making the accusation that Sterling of “assault, libel, and slander” to the tune of $10 million.

Digital Homicide claims that Sterling,  has “falsely accused [Digital Homicide] and caused damage” to the company. According to court documents, the company is asking for $2.26 million in direct product damage; $4.3 million in emotional, reputational, and financial distress; and $5 million in punitive damage requests.

Digital Homicide will represent themselves in the lawsuit and seek crowd funding support for additional help.

Robert Romine, Co-founder  of Digital Homicide said that Sterling crossed a line with “continued coverage and harassment of every single title we have ever posted”. Romine also said he recently received a package full of faeces in the mail, despite “multiple requests private and public to the individual [Sterling] to inform his subscriber base to stop harassing me”.

When Sterling published a 10-minute video of Digital Homicide’s shooter Slaughtering Grounds in November 2014, he dubbed  it the “new ‘worst game of 2014’ contender”. This is when the drama began.

Most of Sterling’s criticism center around the use of pre made assets or elements such as a character model and mashing them all together then selling the game on Steam instead of making something original.

Digital Homicide tried to issue a DMCA takedown of Sterlings reviews, however this was turned down.

“The DMCA filed is not to censor review’s,” wrote the developers. “There are countless negative review videos posted(including multiple sterling videos) and only one in particular with a DMCA filed on it. The reason is we have a legitimate claim, we can prove a violation of our copyright(fair use is not blanket immunity) and damages.”


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