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From Singer To Terrorist: A British Mother Threatens To Blow Herself Up

Her name is not unknown anymore. British ex-singer Sally Jones has appeared on Twitter again some hours ago. This time the message is clear enough: she has threatened the whole country revealing her possible intention to blow herself up in order to defend ISIS’ ideals. This announcement could imply that the British ex-singer, aged 47, could become the first female ISIS’ suicide bomber.

Jones, nicknamed as “Mrs Terror”, has reaffirmed her convictions not only in this recent post, but in others as well. It all began when this British mother-of-two met her husband, English terrorist Junaid Hussain in 2010. Three years later, this rock singer who had been a member of a punk band named Krunch in early 90’s, left England with Hussain to join ISIS in Syria. Last August Junaid Hussain, aged 21, was killed by a US drone strike.

“I know what I’m doing. Paradise has a price and I hope this will be the price for Paradise” has been the latest message that Jones, who is using now the name Umm Hussain, has posted on Twitter. She has also made a reference to another woman who had already done something similar: the first Chechen “Black Widow” who killed herself with 27 Russian soldiers back in 2000.


Just after the terrorist attacks in Paris, this announcement has shocked all the media. What happened to that blonde girl who was touring all around England? Her brother Patrick Jones had already admitted last year that he was completely shocked by his sister’s metamorphosis. Now, this British terrorist seems to be willing to die for ISIS ideals if necessary. If this possibility comes true, Sally Jones will not only be the first suicide bomber in ISIS, but the first Western woman to do so.



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