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Flashpoint- The In’s and Out’s

Flashpoint is coming to the CW’s The Flash for its third season. I am so glad that the production team are doing this, since the fans of the series, in addition to the comics, will finally be treated with the adaption of one of DC’s most famous story arcs. It’s even more famous as this story-line was the one that rebooted the entire universe in the comics. However, with any superhero adaption, I am sure that the hardcore fan boys may throw some negativity towards the upcoming season and the reason for this… The CW Flashpoint will be quite different from the original source. So the question is, what difference will there be? What will be taken from the comics and how will this be combined with the events of the TV universe? We I guess we should find out the answers don’t you think?

So at the start of the Flashpoint arc in the comics, a major changed occurred with our favourite speedster. Barry Allen wakes up to what seems to be a normal day, yet this wasn’t the case. After he previously broke the time barrier saving his mother’s life from the hands of the Reverse Flash, everything from there had changed. One of the most noticeable things to change was that Allen had no superpowers. Barry’s mother dying can been seen as a paradox, the death of his mother was a catalyst, an event that triggered somewhere down the timeline, creating the Flash. If this never happened, then the fastest man alive will cease to exist. With his other kin, Henry Allen, never actually went to prison, instead he died a couple of years before Barry had woken up to a completely diffident day. So everything changed for his family.

However, this wasn’t the biggest problem. The bigger problem is the superheroes fighting one another. In this new world, 2 founding members of the Justice League- Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war. This is quite the serious fight too, they came with their armies, threatening to destroy the entire world. So the Flashpoint arc made quite the impact on this universe, that one little ripple in time managed to drastically change the happenings in the present. Obviously we won’t be seeing this on the small screen as we don’t have Wonder Woman and Aquaman.


During these ripples throughout time, Superman doesn’t exist anymore. Or, at least, he isn’t the Man of Steel everybody knows him as.  With his ship crashing in Metropolis, destroying everything in its path, made the army come quickly to retrieve Kal-El, leading his life of misery as an alien in area 51. Despite having a Superman in this universe now, I highly doubt this would happen. My only suggestion of anything like this happening, would be edged towards Supergirl as she is the main catalyst of the show. Superman experiment
Superman experiment

Once again these ripples are at full effect, changing another important thing, with everyone devastated by the arrival of Kal-El, in Gotham it was our Bruce Wayne who got murdered in that alley way, instead of his parents. With this happening, Martha Wayne driven to insanity due to the death of her son, cut a huge smile on her face which mirrors what we saw in The Dark Knight with the Joker. Co-existing with this, we saw Thomas Wayne dawning the mask and cape and becoming Gotham’s Batman. A Batman who was seen as the fiercest vigilante of them all- one who could match Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as someone who didn’t shy away from killing Wrongdoers. In the end, Batman meets with the Joker, managing to convince Martha in killing herself. Sadly, I don’t see this happening on the small screen. There’s too much backstory for these characters and even though this can be manageable with the universe, you still need to remember that we have a Flash show to get on with, so I can’t see this happening, but who knows?  

With these ripples causing havoc in the timeline it was a matter of time till it affected the greatest Green Lantern. In the original timeline Hal Jordan was chosen as a Green Lantern after the death of Abin Sur yet, this doesn’t happen in Flashpoint. Abin Sur doesn’t die which means Hal Jordan never got the opportunity becoming the Green Lantern. So Hal Jordan ends up being a simple pilot, who is shot down from the sky by a fleet of Amazonian jets. They could easily introduce a powerless Hal Jordan for Flash season 3 and it could be interesting having this character as a support for the Flash as the season develops.

In regards to the Martian Manhunter, who I really enjoyed watching throughout Supergirl, ended up being captured by the Outsider in the Flashpoint arc and later sold to Russia. Due to being tortured and experimented on JJ ended up turning to the dark side and becoming evil taking over Russia. This was shorted lived as he was killed by the Outsider later on in the story. Which again can easily happen in the CW universe, maybe less exaggerated in regards to taking over Russia, but we could see him being kidnapped or what not, thus seeing a darker Manhunter later on in the series.

With Superman being held as an experiment, someone needed take the place as a go-to superhero and that person is Cyborg. This is the reason why he becomes the founding member of the Justice League when DC kicked into the new 52 era. Throughout his time being the most recognisable superhero in the timeline, he did have a rough time. He tried to stop the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman, having difficulties with bringing Batman on his side and dealing with sketchy politicians. Again this will most definitely not feature in the CW’s Flashpoint but he will during the first Justice League movie in 2017.

So far there’s been a lot of things that won’t be featuring in CW’s adaption of this story arc. What could happen is the development of Citizen Cold. In the comic, Captain Cold is a villain in the Flash’s rouge gallery. However, after the events of Flashpoint Captain Cold became Citizen Cold and is, in fact, the hero of Central City. He even has a museum dedicated to him, which is the same as the Flash in the original timeline.

As we already have an established Captain Cold already in the Flash, there’s no reason why this can’t happen. It’s fair to say that the Flashpoint universe has some pretty harsh heroes. So with this new world coming surfacing, I am sure we can accept some pretty brutal heroes. I can almost guarantee that will be seeing something of this in the upcoming season.

The hero that started this whole CW universe is known as The Green Arrow. However, he is seen quite differently in the Flashpoint universe. Instead of hopping from building to building shooting arrows and saving the day, in Flashpoint he is an industrialist who steals technology from super-villains in order to equip his own mercenaries. What’s also quite ironic is that in the Flashpoint arc, he can’t even use a bow and arrow.

At the end of the day, in Flashpoint, Oliver Queen is not a superhero. He just makes sure that his well-being is all okay. Whether this happens or not, we can expect Stephen Amell to make an appearance in this arc, we could even see him helping Barry regain his powers back.

With this being said, Barry Allen has tried to regain his powers with a number of attempts within the comics. At first he doesn’t succeed, he even nearly burns to death trying to recreate the accident that originally granted him his super powers. So this is where Oliver Queen may come in and help him try to become the fastest man yet again.

Near the end of Flashpoint where everyone is fighting everyone, Thomas Wayne as the ruthless Batman ends up killing the Reverse Flash with the Amazon sword through the chest. It was basically Reverse Flash’s fault for Flashpoint as he was the one whom Killed Barry Allen’s mother. However, the story doesn’t end there though. Thomas Wayne give Barry a letter to give to Bruce once the timeline has been restored. Which could introduce a cool Easter-Egg in which the young Bruce in Gotham, revives an anonymous letter convincing him on the path he needs to take.

Whether or not season 3 of the Flashpoint keeps with the originality of comics, Flashpoint, is more than welcome at this point on the small screen. Especially with the different multiverse’s being connected such as Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. This could be the turning point for the ever growing universe consisting in the CW



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