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Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros

Five things to look forward to in March

This year has already seen some very exciting releases in the world of film and TV, from the side-splitting Deadpool, the latest seasons of Vikings and piratical drama Black Sails.

Ahead there are hugely anticipated films including Suicide Squad, Rogue One and Warcraft, not to mention new series of Game Of Thrones, and brand new releases like Luke Cage.

Fortunately, for those twiddling their thumbs in anticipation here are 5 of March’s hottest releases to keep people entertained.


Image courtesy of Youtube

Image courtesy of Youtube

Kicking off our list is a film project that came completely out of nowhere. 10 Cloverfield Lane managed to pass under the radar up until the release of it’s first trailer, despite being produced by Hollywood darling JJ Abrahams.

The trailers have only added to the intrigue, showing a haggard looking John Goodman, in some kind of bunker with a young couple who may or may not be there against their will.


Image courtesy of Collider.com

Cue a selection of different shots including dust falling from the ceiling, someone sharpening a wooden stake, and the bunker in flames before Goodman gets cracked over the head by one of his captives who then makes a break for the door.

The last image we are left with is the young woman staring out of a small window in the bunkers door with a look of horror, while Goodman screams that she will kill them all.

While the film isn’t a direct sequel to Cloverfield, Abrahams has referred to the film as a ‘spiritual successor’ so here’s hoping we see an epic showdown between John Goodman and the creature from the previous film.

Image courtesy of Collider.com

Image courtesy of Collider.com

Unlikely I know, but we can only dream. 10 Cloverfield Lane will be released on the 11th of March


Image courtesy of TechInsider

Image courtesy of TechInsider

Moving from the big screen to the small, the second release on our list is the second season of Marvel’s critically acclaimed Daredevil. After taking down the mountainous Wilson Fisk at the end of the last season the man without fear is back to protecting Hell’s Kitchen, but he has new challenges to face.

These come in the form of two classic Daredevil antagonists, the Punisher, a one man murder machine, and Elektra, a slightly subtler female equivalent.

The trailers have highlighted the conflict between Daredevil and the Punisher, the latter’s willingness to kill putting him at odds with Daredevil’s more non-lethal approach. Playing the Punisher is Jon Bernthal, who Walking Dead fans will recognise as Shane, close friend and eventual betrayer of series protagonist and punching-bag Rick Grimes.

However alongside sparring with the Punisher, Daredevil will also have to take on a resurgent Yakuza, with the possible help of mysterious assassin Elektra. This role is taken by rising star Élodie Yung, who can also be seen in the delightfully terrible Gods of Egypt. Fortunately there seems to be a much greater focus on character rather than spectacle from what little has been shown she looks to be a perfect fit for the part.

Daredevil’s second season will be released on Netflix on the 18th of March.


Image Courtesy of FanPop.com

Image Courtesy of FanPop.com

We return to the big screen for our third entry, the gorgeous looking new animation from Disney, Zootopia. While there seem to be a glut of animal related animations coming out this year from Angry Birds to the recently teased Sing, this film actually looks entertaining.

Using a somewhat similar plot device to The Good Dinosaur, people never evolved in the world of Zootopia but animals have stepped in to fill the void. Not just one dominant species, but all of them, making for a diverse world ripe for comedic interpretation.


The trailers introduce us to mafioso shrew, a grieving otter, a DMV full of sloths and a buffalo police chief voiced by the one and only Idris Elba.

Alongside all of this we are introduced to our protagonists, a rabbit police officer and a fox con artist who must band together to uncover the mystery of missing mammals.

Much like 10 Cloverfield Lane, much of the plot to this film was kept relatively quiet in early trailers, instead focussing on the world that they were creating. As more has been released however the plot’s outline becomes clearer while still keeping the details vague which only adds intrigue to an already anticipated film.

Zootopia will be released on March 4th


Image courtesy of FX

Image courtesy of FX

Our penultimate entry is possibly one of the best animations to have been made in recent years. Packed with brilliant humour, beautful artwork and more in jokes than you could shake a slightly darker black turtle-neck at, I am referring of course to Archer.

Busting back onto our screens after their CIA oriented shenanigans in season 6, the seventh season of this hilarious spy drama spoof seems to be taking a different approach, with the latest trailer being a shot-for-shot remake of Magnum P.I.

Image courtesy of FX

Image courtesy of FX

This is because the gang are now heading down to Hollywood to start a detective agency, while also scrapping the name ISIS. The new season is set to be filled with celebrity appearances as the team try to translate their spying skills into the world of private investigations.

Seemingly the serial softie, Cyril Figgis, will be taking a more authoritative role in the new series much to the irritation of Archer et al.

Archer season seven will be released on March 30th


Image courtesy of Warner Bros

Image courtesy of Warner Bros

Last but not least we come to one of the our final entry. This promises to be one of the most titanic clashes in recent memory, a battle between a slightly deranged billionaire and a boy scout with strange hair. No it’s not Trump v Sanders 2016, it is of course Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This film is going to be the answer to a great many questions that have been flying around since before this film was announced. Can DC finally make someone that isn’t Batman interesting? Can DC craft a cinematic universe to rival that of Marvel? When will Wonderwoman get her own film?


Well in a few short weeks the world will have it’s answers, for better or for worse. Despite the critical acclaim that The Dark Night has received, DC has struggled to market it’s other heroes with the same success, and this may be their last chance to do so.

Early criticism over the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor has concerned some pundits, as well as the addition of Wonderwoman, Doomsday threatening to turn the film into a bloated mess a la The Amazing Spiderman.

That being said only time will tell whether this will be a Heather Ledger style success or a superhuman failure.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released on March 25th

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