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First Pokémon Go, now possible deals for a live-action movie!

Nostalgia is most definitely kicking in with most people at this moment in time; with the recent launch of Pokémon Go, Tarzan back in the cinema and the name Clinton back in the run for congress, for the mid-twenties population, it must feel as if we’ve fallen in some sort of worm-hole. Nonetheless, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and with Nintendo receiving a 25% stock price jump following the launch of the mobile game, it comes to no surprise that Hollywood has renewed the chase for a deal to turn Pokémon into a feature film. With this said, there has been previous movies of the cult franchise throughout the years but never a live-action feature and as much as this sounds exciting, live-action films can come as risky business. Anyone remember the shambolic attempt that was Dragonball Evolution? A much loved manga animated television series ruined for fans in a 90-minute time frame.

In recent news, it is known that Legendary Pictures are moving towards a deal to land the rights to make a live-action movie, based on of the much loved pocket monster game originating from Japan. Pokémon has always been ever present in our lives, with ongoing animated series and yearly game releases mainly on the Nintendo DS. However, with the release of Pokémon Go, the franchise has gotten a giant second wind which is raising those eyebrows up in Hollywood. At this point in time, no deal has been closed, yet, with the popularity of the app ever growing throughout all ages, I am sure a deal will be finalised in the near future. If a compromise were to be made, it will test the bounds of the biggest game-movie rights deal. Legendary Pictures are not the only studio wanting to obtain the rights for this franchise, there has been rumours of a potential Pokémon movie for some time, with a host of other studios wanting this power-franchise to play with for their own. Among the scenarios that have been rumoured, it is believed Chronicle writer Max Landis would be aboard to create the script. If rumours were to be true, it would certainly be a massive coup for Legendary, which recently released the video game turned movie Warcraft, which received a mix of reviews from fans alike.

Official Image of the Pokémon Go App, from Pokémon

Official Image of the Pokémon Go App, from Pokémon

With Pokémon Go becoming an instant hit, the value of the movie property has become red hot since the apps launch, even though it isn’t clear if the concept of the game will be part of the movie’s plans. Still, the response the game has got which involves players to leave their houses and roam the outsides in hope of catching all those Pokémon has been staggering! Nintendo ‘s stock value has shot up to high heights, which launched as a 90’s phenomenon, when it was just trading cards and a Japanese TV series. So with all this hype, I wouldn’t be surprised that a movie deal gets up and caught very soon. Now with all this said, let just hope that, if it were to become a live-action film, it doesn’t fall in the trap that all those games-to-movie transfers have caught themselves up in. For example, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, etc. have all been a big disappointment on screen, so if Legendary were to acquire the rights, please do a good job, and don’t disappoint us as much the team behind Dragonball Eveloution did.



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