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First commercial jetpack unveiled, available in stores in 2016

This video shows the Martin Jetpack flying in the sky of Shenzhen City, China.

And it will be available to buy next year for 1.6 million Yuan (around £165,000).


KuangChi Science, a tech company in Hong Kong, is the biggest shareholder of the Martin Aircraft company, the manufacturer of the jetpack.

A joint venture of KuangChi Science and Martin Aircraft signed three framework agreements for a total of 100 manned Jetpacks and 20 simulators.

Martin Aircraft Company is the maker of the innovative Martin Jetpack.  With its patented technology, the Martin Jetpack is poised to alter the dynamics of aviation.  Initially designed as a personal Jetpack for individuals in the leisure market, the technology is being recognised for its applications across a broad range of different sectors.

The device can be used for emergency for firefighting, search and rescue and anti-terror operations as it is portable and efficient. The jet pack has recently gained recognition from the fire department in Dubai.

The gadget can reach areas that most aircraft are unable to access.

Able to carry 120kg with a maximum flight time of 45 minutes, at a speed of up to 80kph, the jetpack can hover once the pilot releases his hands in flight.

(Picture: ChinaFotoPress/Getty)

(Picture: ChinaFotoPress/Getty)


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