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Feel-good Songs For A Happy Summer

Upbeat rhythms, uplifting lyrics, and choruses worthy of a good sing-a-long. Feel-good songs seem to have a special ability of bringing out the best in us, and shifting our focus from I-hate-everything to I-can-do- anything. So, this summer fill your week with 9 of these happy hits sure to put a smile on your face.


Nat King Cole- Smile (1950)

Nat King Cole

Composed for Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 movie Modern Times, Smile remains timeless. The orchestral sound, the warm vocals of Cole, and the unadulterated lyrics would make it difficult not to smile.

The Beatles- Here Comes the Sun (1969)

The Beatles

Written by George Harrison, Here Comes The Sun couldn’t be more appropriate for the summer. Summery sun equals feeling good. No more winter blues.

Carole King- Beautiful (1971)

Carole King

Iconic singer-songwriter King’s Beautiful is more on the mellow side. Empowering and inspiring, this song reaffirms feeling beautiful and casting away self-loathing.

Fleetwood Mac- Don’t Stop (1977)


A rock band skilled at churning out memorable songs, Fleetwood’s Don’t’ Stop is such a chirpy number which looks away from the past and ahead to the future.

Bill Withers- A Lovely Day (1977)


Sprinkle a bit of old-school soul on your breakfast and enjoy the smooth vocals of Withers.

Katrina & The Waves- Waking on Sunshine (1983)

Katrina and the Waves

Okay, this has to be on your feel-good, get-up-and-go playlist, even if you don’t want to admit it.

Boo Radleys – Wake up It’s A Beautiful Morning (1995)

Boo Radleys

Night-owls, mornings aren’t so bad. Imagine a gorgeous summer morning with clear skies and a gold-tinted sun. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to miss that.

Disclaimer: The concept of ‘A Beautiful Morning’ may vary from country to country. So, fellow British readers enjoy the sunny mornings while you can!

Laura Izibor- Shine (2009)


From the rich vocals to the soul-infused melody, Shine is easy on the ears and it’s one of those songs made to add a spring to your step. What encouraging lyrics for a good dose of motivation.

Pharrell Williams- Happy (2014)

Pharrell Williams

Unashamedly optimistic and carefree, Williams’ hit has no time for frowns or allowing bad news to dampen the day. Feel like a ‘room without a roof’ as this declaration of happiness streams through your speakers.




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