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First Look: Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger Collection

Supermodel Social Media Instagram StarGigi Hadid designs for Tommy Hilfiger

The supermodel era continues and there is no stopping these women of the runway. Gigi Hadid has graced many a high-profiled catwalk on an abundant amount of times, she’s modelled the pages of countless fashion bibles and now she’s turning her talent to a different side of the fashion industry; design. Below we take a look at her new collaboration with namesake ...

British Vogue launches new series starring model Camille Rowe

British Vogue has teamed up with Franco-American model Camille Rowe for a new series focusing on the concept of ‘wellness’. The concept of wellness has scratched its way to the mainstream in the past 10 years and there is no denial that feeling good and happy is now something individuals chase through eating, exercising and more. But how could we ...

What Is The September Issue All About?

Anna Wintour reading US Vogue September

Around this time of year, the glorious sight of a fashion magazines September Issue arrives on shelves, but why are they so widely publicised? Should you buy ALL the mags? Relax, we’ve got you covered.

5 DIY Skincare Tips & Tricks

Let's face it, skincare can be expensive. Like, very expensive. With so many brands to choose from, each one as popular as the next, it's difficult deciding on what to go for. You don't want to spend loads on a skincare line that does nothing for you but, at the same time, high street brands just aren't cutting it any more. Not to mention the fact that skincare products need replenishing often. Sooner or later, your pockets are going to start feeling it.

That's why DIY is your friend, more so now than ever before. Essential oils and natural face masks are creating so much buzz in the beauty world and rightly so. There is a lot to be benefitted from here, especially when you know what you're putting on your face is good for you. Besides if you're willing to splash out £30 or more on just a cleanser alone, what harm is there investing in good DIY practices? So let's dive right in...

Have you noticed how good your skin is after you've taken a nice swim in the beach? That's because the water you find there is rich in dead sea salt. Dead sea salt i


5 Hacks For Your Beauty Routine

Let’s face it, our beauty routine can be a bit too much at times. Too elaborate, too fussy and too time-consuming. Yes, pampering yourself should be all of these things and more but sometimes it’s fine to take a few short cuts. That’s why hacks are so valuable in the beauty world. They make for a more faster, cheaper and ...

Raf Simons Confirmed At Calvin Klein

Raf Simons Appointed at Calvin Klein after Dior Contract

Speculation can conclude on the news that Raf Simons is to join the Calvin Klein brand as Chief Creative Officer. This role will see Mr Simons as the head chief, unifying all collections within the Calvin Klein brand.

Selfridges Open Their Christmas Shop

Staff at Selfridges set up Christmas Shopping Shop 2016

We know, we know! Don’t blame the messenger but we must inform you that yes, Selfridges have indeed kicked off the 2016 festivities by opening their Christmas shop in August. You can read more below ✋

#Giuseppe x Jennifer: Giuseppe Zanotti and Jennifer Lopez Collaborate on Shoe Collection

Giuseppe Zanotti and Jennifer Lopez are collaborating on a capsule collection, called Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez. The 47-year old singer will create a special line with the Italian luxury shoe and fashion designer, which will include embellished wedge sneakers, crystal-encrusted open-toe booties, snakeskin gladiators and two handbags, all in pastel, grey and beige hues. The collection is set to launch ...

Hillary vs the Donald: A Battle of Image

Upon hearing the Democratic nomination for the US Presidential race, Hillary Clinton, had reportedly enlisted the help of Anna Wintour in styling her campaign image, it begged the question: does Republican candidate Donald Trump have the same problem when he looks in the mirror and asks, who is the fairest of them all?

Kenzo x H&M: The Full Lookbook

You may recall the hype that started back in May as retail giant H&M announced it would be teaming up with Kenzo’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, the brand’s Creative Directors, for their latest designer collaboration and guess what? We have your exclusive first look at the campaign below.

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