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Kanye West’s fans queue for days awaiting new shoe release

Kanye West’s fans have begun queuing outside stores, days before the release of his new shoe line.

Androgyny and Fashion

The sentiment of gender equality and a diminishing need for gender appropriate roles is certainly nothing new, however, with the social media uprise of activism in feminism and transgender rights, mainstream fashion is now beginning to voice these ideas in a visual sense. Furthermore, we are now seeing more transgender models take to the runway being a staple demonstration of the blurring lines between the sexes.

Otherwise known as gender-neutral fashion, the concept is less about men being in touch with their feminine sides and vice versa, but more about the development and appreciation of clothing for both genders, hence unisex fashion. In March 2015, Selfridges opened a pop-up department named Agender, a genderless shopping experience on the high street. This concept store included creations from both renowned and emerging talents with the androgyny aspect allowing designers to have much more freedom with their creativity. The popularity of this unique idea has further put the wheels in motion for genderless fashion to become the norm.

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Google Partners with Levi’s to Create Interactive Clothing

The future is here! With the wearable technology trend on the rise, Google have announced that they are teaming up with denim connoisseurs; Levi’s to create the world’s very first pair of “smart” jeans. This exciting new concept involves the use of a material that Google have named ‘Project Jacquard’ – a fabric technology that allows the adaptation of connected ...

Naked Is The New Black

Leaving very little to the imagination, it appears that this season’s trend is the fearless, barely-there dress. Inspired by a fresh-faced Kate Moss back in the 90’s, her sheer, Liza Bruce slip dress sent the fashion world into a frenzy. Fast forward to this decade however and the red carpet is filled with celebrities daring to bare all but with ...

Vivienne Westwood Advises “Eat Less”

Dame Vivienne Westwood, fashion’s curator of punk is never shy of sparking a little controversy. Whilst her on-going endeavours include her campaigns for a more eco-friendly attitude towards the planet – a topic she is sincerely passionate about, she faced the wrath of critics when delivering a petition to Downing Street regarding the mass production of GM crops. Dame Westwood ...

It’s Official; Louis Vuitton is the World’s Most Valuable Fashion Brand

Forbes has unveiled its list of the world’s 100 most valuable brands with French fashion house, Louis Vuitton scoring 14th position, making it not only the world’s most valuable fashion brand but also the only fashion label to occupy the top 30. Louis Vuitton surpasses other renowned luxury labels such as Chanel and Hermes with tech brands such as Apple, ...

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