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To Wear Make-up or Not To Wear Make-up

I couldn’t contour if my life depended on it and I will forever be amazed at how those YouTube tutorials make the process look so simple. Maybe you’re the type of girl who can apply liquid eyeliner like a pro and you know not to blink (yes, I’ve blinked and ruined my eyeliner before). I’m not much of a make-up ...

The Evolution of Alternative Bridal Looks

As former model Agyness Deyn got married in Brooklyn Heights over the weekend, we take a look at the alternative bridal looks that are becoming more popular than ever.

New Drama To Explore Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow’s Relationship

Entitled ‘The Ripper,’ a new film will be made exploring Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen’s tainted relationship. Separately, a biopic announced last January on Alexander McQueen’s life is in the works which may also shed light on the duo.

French Designer Sonya Rykiel Dies Aged 86

French Fashion Designer Sonia Rykiel Dies from Parkinson's Disease Aged 86

Famed French designer Sonya Rykiel has died at the age of 86, her daughter confirmed today, 25th of August. Sonia had been suffering with Parkinson's disease for over 19 years to date.

In 2012 after some speculation, Sonia Rykiel revealed in her last book 'N’Oubliez Pas Que Je Joue' the ambiguous French fashion designer had been living with Parkinson's disease for 15 years and she could no longer hide the disease's symptoms from her family and friends. On Thursday, she died at her home peacefully alongside her family in Paris. Sonia's death was also declared by the Élysée Palace, the office of the French president.

Famous for many things, Sonia Rykiel challenged the thresholds in fashion. The brand was and is still known for its stunning knitwear, its fun use of colour and at the same time, its lack of. “My colour is black. And black, if it’s worn right, is a scandal.” A woman of our own hearts. Rykiel's projected woman was a working mother with practical day to day issues but again, she wanted to aim the br


What Is The September Issue All About?

Anna Wintour reading US Vogue September

Around this time of year, the glorious sight of a fashion magazines September Issue arrives on shelves, but why are they so widely publicised? Should you buy ALL the mags? Relax, we’ve got you covered.

5 DIY Skincare Tips & Tricks

Let’s face it, skincare can be expensive. Like, very expensive. With so many brands to choose from, each one as popular as the next, it’s difficult deciding on what to go for. You don’t want to spend loads on a skincare line that does nothing for you but, at the same time, high street brands just aren’t cutting it any ...

5 Hacks For Your Beauty Routine

Let’s face it, our beauty routine can be a bit too much at times. Too elaborate, too fussy and too time-consuming. Yes, pampering yourself should be all of these things and more but sometimes it’s fine to take a few short cuts. That’s why hacks are so valuable in the beauty world. They make for a more faster, cheaper and ...

Selfridges Open Their Christmas Shop

Staff at Selfridges set up Christmas Shopping Shop 2016

We know, we know! Don’t blame the messenger but we must inform you that yes, Selfridges have indeed kicked off the 2016 festivities by opening their Christmas shop in August. You can read more below ✋

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