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Farewell To Television ‘Roylety’ – RIP Caroline Aherne

In a year which has been truly terrible for famous faces in the UK, and around the world, yet another talent has passed away. Star and co-creator of BBC’s The Royle Family, Caroline Aherne has succumbed to a third battle with Cancer and died at the age of 52 years of age.

Aherne made a successful name for herself, writing comedy with Craig Cash, they played Denise and David Royle in their own creation, The Royle Family. However, she had already made waves by dressing as a pensioner and television interviewer, Mrs Merton. She had teamed up with Cash for this hilarious comedy, too. One of Merton’s most famous put-downs was delivered to Debbie McGee (widow of Paul Daniels) when she asked “what attracted you to the millionaire, Paul Daniels?”.

Mrs Merton

Caroline Aherne as sharp-witted Mrs Merton – Photo credit: BBC

Her quick wit and observational comedy were such an asset to all that she lent her name to. Who can forget her Weather Presenter character in The Fast Show spouting that familiar line “scorchio!”.

Aherne had been addled by ill health and she had previously fought bladder Cancer and eye Cancer. Good health may not have always been on the star’s side, but one thing’s for sure, her talent has brought unforgettable characters and television shows of the highest calibre into our lives.


She’ll be missed! Photo Credit: BBC

Thanks for the laughs, Caroline, I don’t believe you were anywhere near finished showing us what you were capable of, yet. RIP to a wonderful actress and writer.

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