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Katy Perry kissed by drunk fan
Katy Perry kissed by drunk fan. Image courtesy of

Fan gets a little TOO friendly with Katy Perry on stage

That awkward moment when you invite a fan on to the stage unaware of just how drunk they are.

Katy Perry was performing at the Rock in Rio festival when she decided to make a fans day, and invite her on stage. Little did she know that the fan in question was not entirely sober, well at least that’s how it looks.

Inviting the girl up on stage Perry was treated to space invasion of an epic level, there was kissing, licking and even a bit of boob grabbing. Ever the professional, Perry managed to get through the awkward encounter joking that the girl was “rolling”, before proceeding to take some very awkward selfies with her.


If you don’t believe me when I say it was awkward, take a look at some of the evidence:

Cheeky bit of heavy petting

Going in for the kill

Image courtesy of

Why settle for a selfie when you can have an awkward kiss instead?!!!

Unsurprisingly, the twitterverse had some funny things to say of the uncomfortable encounter:

Fans were quick to praise Perry’s handling of the situation:

The girl in question, Rayane, has taken to twitter to make it clear that she was not drunk:

And people have jumped on board to her defence:

But some are still dubious:

Luckily Rayane saw the funny side in it all:

Watch the hilarious clip below, and decide for yourself:


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