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Fall in love with Amylee’s flowers and colours



Native from the French Southern city of Nimes, the artist Amylee fell in love with painting early on but only decided to make it her full time passion aged 30. Her art is best represented  by bright, strong and radiant colours just like the women and the flowers depicted in her paintings. The artist’s vision of art is portrayed by picturesque scenes vibrating with emotion and sensuality but also romantic characters full of sensitivity with a hint of seduction and elegance.

The now London-based artist takes her inspiration from the masters of figurative painting. A touch of Klimt and Mucha’s graphic codes is detectable in many of her paintings just like the large influence of Alma-Tadema, Monet and Morisot. All of her artwork shows her love for the Pop Art movement with a particular attraction to paintings by Roy Lichtenstein or more urban artists like Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Eduardo Kobra or David Walker. But since femininity and bright colours aren’t restricted to paintings, Amylee is very keen on the patterns deployed on fabrics that can be seen in international collections from Christian Lacroix, Manish Arora or Yulia Yanina.




Unlike many inaccessible artists and because of a real envy to share her skills and tips with her fans and young artists to be, Amylee created a blog in 2009 along with a Youtube channel that can be followed here, which brilliantly showcases her experience and expertise. Moreover, an online magazine simply called Amylee has become the go-to rendez-vous of a large community.

After Nîmes and Paris, the painter has now settled down in the British capital (Lucky Londeners!) yet keeps being active in her native France where she still worlds on artistic events. She launched her new website Amylee.paris this September and the art lovers will be happy to find on it upcoming events as well as anecdotes about the artist’s works and previous exhibitions in both English and French galleries. You can also find information regarding her exhibitions in several UK galleries.



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