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source: pexels.com

Facebook Live Streaming and Marketing Your Future

I have to say, Facebook Live Streaming passed me by until recently, when suddenly I noticed people were going live or had been live. What I liked about it was the fact that viewers were also able to comment live, so if you want to, you can respond directly to them, plus it also showed you how many people were watching. This got me thinking about how it can be used as a great marketing tool for small businesses or even help launch careers – and all for free. A few ideas off the top of my head – perform online gigs to build a virtual fan base, host a free webinar to draw in more business, conduct Q&As or Focus Groups easily with customers. The only thing holding you back is a lack of imagination.

source: pexels.com

source: pexels.com

The social media meets video revolution is obviously not a new idea, as there are already streaming apps out there. However, it’s unlikely the majority of your target market is using them, whereas most people you come across will have a Facebook account and if not, they will definitely know someone who has got one. Live streaming will naturally be more successful, when you have a bigger audience to begin with. The popularity of personal videography can be seen on Snap Chat, who continue to build an extremely successful business model around the power of video, but where Snap Chat and Facebook differ is their audience. Snap Chat is clearly targeting Millennials, who demand information to be fast, easily accessed and most importantly sharable. Facebook’s global reach extends to generations – there are many people whose Grandparents are on Facebook for example. Therefore, the demographic you can reach on Facebook is vast.

source: pexels.com

source: pexels.com

With a larger database, Facebook’s platform can spread your message far wider, but does that make it better? Put simply, no. In the digital sense, there is no such thing as spreading yourself too thin. Online presence is crucial and the more avenues you explore, the more customers you can reach.  Media can easily be copied across multiple accounts and then if required, be tailored to different demographics. One way to build a larger customer base, is to offer that little bit extra on one forum than another. For example, tease something on Snap Chat, Instagram or Twitter and allude to the fact all will be revealed via your live stream on Facebook. The Kimye/West feud is a perfect example of utilizing social media in this fashion. Kim Kardashian managed to gain more Snap Chat followers, simply by telling her fans on other sites that they should be following her there too through fear of missing out.

Live streaming on Facebook is probably going to gain momentum over the next few years, once its potential is explored further and we hear about more and more success stories. The best part, in my opinion, is the fact every Facebook user has the power to broadcast live on their timeline, therefore allowing you to take control over your self-promotion in those crucial early stages with minimal (if at all any) expense, whilst potentially reaching people on the other side of the World. You can use your personal Facebook page to market your future.


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