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Eviction Eruption On Big Brother!

Since the infamous “Fight Night” way back in 2004 in Big Brother 5 exploded into violent chaos, viewers have bayed for more. Since that controversial event, the Reality TV show has constantly attempted to push the boundaries to keep itself relevant, despite the flagging ratings in this series. This week, in the midst of what the show’s producers have dubbed “Annihilation,” the latest task pitted housemates literally against one another. The ever stirring Big Brother placed £20,000 in a briefcase and all the contestants behind individual podiums attached to a button. The housemates that pressed the button first would be rewarded the £20,000… with a rather sinister catch attached to it. Whoever pressed the button to claim the money had to choose a housemate to leave the Elstree house with immediate effect.

© www.tellymix.co.uk

© www.tellymix.co.uk

Once the klaxon sounded, Jackson, Laura and Jason pushed their buttons, Jason being the fastest of the three. When pressed to select a housemate to elbow from Elstree, he chose former The Valleys star Lateysha Grace for the chop… and inevitably all hell broke loose! Jason’s choice was met with harsh recriminations and backlash from Lateysha’s friends. There was an outpouring of emotion at the fall of the Welsh single mum and horrified disbelief at Jason’s seemingly out of the blue decision. Now people are wary of the stoic Essex boy, as divisions deepen towards the end of this series!

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