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Evans Quits Top Gear after 5 Episodes

Despite attempts to live up to the TV presenting expertise of Clarkson, May and Hammond, Chris Evans has quit his position at the once loved BBC show ‘Top Gear’.

It seems that Chris Evans has finally admitted defeat as after presenting just one series of the new ‘Top Gear’ show, Evans has declared his departure. His departure was noted on his twitter account where Evans himself stated that he gave it his ‘best shot’ however, it was not enough:




It comes as no surprise that Evans has left after ratings plummeted with the new presenting team. With an expected 4 million viewers, the new show struggled to achieve half of this number of viewers, achieving just 1.9 million on the final episode of the series.

Despite the number of viewers dropping, some viewers are hoping that Matt LeBlanc continues to host the show without Evans noting that it was Evans’ ‘Ego’ which ‘ruined the show’ and that LeBlanc can succeed with new presenters whom he shares a better dynamic with.

It was clear to see from the onset that Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc could not achieve that natural comedic bond of the original trio. But if you are a ‘Top Gear’ fan, do not worry the original presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are due to release ‘The Grand Tour’ this Autumn on Amazon Prime.

Will ‘Top Gear’ ever be as brilliant as it used to be? I don’t think so.




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