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European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker (left) and European Council president Donald Tusk (right) alongside with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel at the emergency EU summit in Brussels, Sunday 25 October 2015

European leaders’ meeting in Brussels over Refugee crisis’ new draft plan

BRUSSELS – Emergency summit between the leaders of EU Members on Refugee Crisis’ new draft plan.

European leaders led by Luxembourger European Commissions’s President Jean-Claude met in Brussels on Sunday to draw a draft plan over the refugee crisis.

The new agreement aims to stop allowing refugees to pass into the Balkans to make then make their way to neighbouring countries without first securing consent.


An already tense atmosphere was preceding the meeting in Brussels Sunday 25th of October before new draft plan had to be discussed bewteend EU Members’ leaders and other two EU non-members, Macedonia and Serbia.

The negotiations focused on Balkan and other European Countries’ migration policies that should firstly have the consent of neighbouring countries before allowing asylum seekers to pass through them.

According to News Agency Reuters, the draft plan included an allowance to send 400 border guards to the western Balkans within a week to reinforce maritime controls off Greece. It also pointed that the European Union should try to advance Refugees’ repatriations if asylum claims were rejected.

Priority through the new draft plan set up by Luxembourg ex- Priminister and current European Commision President Juncker is to slow the passage of refugees through the safe corridor that has formed though central and eastern Europe toward Austria and Germany. Measures such as increasing border surveillance, involving to set a proper refugees registration and controlling further refugee’s transferts by bus or by train to the new border without consent of the arrival country were to be implemented.

Negotiations paricularly assigned Slovenia, for which the amount of asylum seekers has increased significantly – for a country with 2 millions inhabitants the number of refugee arrivals was more than 60 000 these last past days. Hungary clamped down on its border with Serbia, forcing refugees to swith to Croatia which then imposed border controls, pushing them into Slovenia.

Approximately, the number of refugees fleeing mainly conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan reached a total of 250 000 since Mid-September.

Brussels summit was seen by many as an attmpt by both Juncker and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to raise futher pressure on central and south-east European countries to manage amongst themselves a pluritareal migration policy in order to wontrol the migration flow and its deplorable consequences.

An estimated total of 670 000 people have seeked a way into Europe this year. Most of them flee from countries at war, such as the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan.

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