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Euro-Free Holidays

If you’re looking for a European holiday destination but are strapped for cash, choose one where the Euro won’t dominate the affordability of a country. Increasingly, the more traditional European destinations who are affected by poor Euro exchange rates are being swapped for lesser-known countries. In these countries, you’ll get more for your money under their local currency so accommodation, local travel, food and tours tend to be cheaper than their other European neighbours who have the Euro.

1. Croatia (Kuna)

Although prices in Croatia are slowly increasing due to its growing popularity, you’ll still find your money goes a long way in this stunning country. With a beautiful coastline, charming towns and stylish cities there’s plenty to choose from for all types of traveller.

2. Turkey (Lira)

A great beach destination where you’ll get great value for money on package deals. With an abundance of historical and archaeological sites, you won’t get bored exploring this amazing country not mention the amazing fusion of their local cuisine.

3. Poland (Zloty)

A developing and affordable country made up of forests, lakes and breath-taking landscapes. With Poland’s rich cultural heritage of palaces, medieval castles and towers just waiting to be explored, you’ll find less crowds on the same tourist trails.

4. Lithuania (Litas)

Whether you choose a package deal or make up your own itinerary, Lithuania offers the traveller excellent value for money. It features magnificent, sandy beaches and rich cultural attractions, it’s also provides a top choice as a spa destination too.

5. Bulgaria (Leva)

A four season destination, this little gem has a great deal to offer the budget traveller. Whether you’re up in one of the many mountain ranges, taking a break on the Black Sea or visiting one of the many historical cities, accommodation and eating out well, will be top of your list for making your money go further.






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