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Hero who defended blind student from bully thanked on Dr.Phil

An exclusive interview on Dr Phil will be aired this week after a hero saved a partially sighted teenager from a bully’s attack.

Sherlock Christmas special trailer revealed

We finally get a true look at this year’s only Sherlock outing but it certainly looks like it will deliver. This year’s Christmas special will take us back to Sherlock Holmes original era, Victorian England.

Doctor Who review: Under The Lake (Ep 3)

After the last two episodes of this season explaining the story of Davros, creator of the Daleks, the third episode of Doctor Who goes on a different tangent with its ghost plot / horror style storyline. 

Tom Jones tells BBC to “go f**k themselves”

Tom Jones tells BBC to "go f**k themselves"

Following his axing from BBC’s The Voice UK, Tom Jones has said that the BBC “can go f**k themselves"

Talking to The Sunday Times, Jones spoke of how he initially reacted when his son and manager Mark Woodward made him aware of his harsh axing from the show “"I said, 'I don't give a f**k'”

“I enjoyed it, but if they don't want me any more, they can go f**k themselves.”

Jones felt that his axing was uncalled for and more than just speaking about it, Jones actually wrote about it in his new memoir Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography.

“What a cold place the BBC is. Sometimes you wonder whether it's run by humans or a machine in the basement” Jones writes, further explaining that “[Former BBC managing director Bill Cotton] knew intuitively what makes entertainment work for the British public. Sadly there's not so much of that at the BBC today.”

Jones has previously explained that he wasn’t told his contract wouldn’t be renewed until the very last moment, with absolutely “no consultat


Rick and Morty review ‘Look Who’s Purging Now’ (2.09)

What I love about this show is the way it presents parodied  concepts (going into a dream within a dream or a planet talent show where the winning planet doesn’t get blown up) but puts a twist on it where the characters (particularly Rick) are blatantly self aware of such concepts.

South Park ‘Where My Country Gone?’ review

Staying topical this episode and lets face it Matt and Trey both have a lot of material to take inspiration from at the moment, episode 2 on this season (19) parodies illegal immigration in the United States, poking particular fun at Donald Trump.

Why is Sherlock so popular in China?

Sherlock has become a global phenomenon but none so more than in China. Just like their British counterparts, Chinese fans of the show await eagerly for the new series to come out, loading up BBC iplayer as soon as the show has aired.

Watch space station mission live!

NASA Television will cover the flight of a Japanese transport vehicle, loaded with supplies, to the International Space Station (ISS), from 7AM, 19 August.

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