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More Archive by Alexa! Yes, please!

Summer is coming to an end and it will soon be time to say good bye to our favourite summer pieces (I’m personally still trying to come to terms with the fact that I won’t be able to wear my favourite jean shorts everyone is sick of seeing for at least the next 7 months), the after work drinks in ...

Apple Event 2016: Everything You Need To Know

Apple's September keynote is always an exciting one for industry folk and technology enthusiasts alike. This year's much anticipated Apple Event brought a few not-so-shocking updates to the new iPhone 7 and iOS10 plus a new Apple Watch was announced with all the latest in specs. The rumoured omission of the headphone port was easily the most debated topic in the run up to yesterday but you may not be getting rid of those headphones after-all! For all that and further announcements from the Californian tech giant, check out all the details below.

Technology really has come a long way and it most definitely continues to do so. Apple have always been known for their innovation and after a rocky few months, they proved everyone right. The company had a pretty hectic start in San Francisco yesterday, the 7th, with news of their brand new updates leaking on Twitter before the press got hold of anything. However, Tim Cook and co. saved the day with news of a shiny new iPhone 7, iOS10 and the ever-evolving Apple Watch (2.) He even manage


And the wait is over!

I was only a little girl when I heard my first Oasis song (and it wasn’t ‘Wonderwall’!), my older sister was in her early 20’s, it was the 90’s and to this day I remember her blasting the ‘What’s the story morning glory’album in her bedroom. My 8 year-old ears immediately fell in love with the band and to this ...

6 Types of Fiction-book Readers

I know you’re probably thinking ‘here we go again. Another article trying to out everything into types.’ Well, loosen up and don’t fret because this article is just a little bit of fun. Who knows, a fellow bookworm might actually read this and think, ‘oh, I’m that type of reader sometimes.’ The beautiful truth about readers is that they are ...

Have Yourself A Merry Bookish Party

Summer has come to an end and you’ve been to your fair share of parties. You’ve even managed to host a party that did not end up in a disaster and had non-stop laughter. Maybe it’s time to throw a bookish themed party for all your friends and family. Here are 4 ways to have a merry bookish party. Ready, ...

Slow TV: Northern Passage – New to Netflix Review

Fighting to keep myself awake I write this review about a new phenomenon almost unique to Netflix: Slow TV. Designed to lull you into an almost dangerous level of relaxation with the endless footage of the boat moving gently through the fjords and narrated by a man I’m sure consists almost entirely of Werther’s Originals. It reminds me of children’s ...

Flashpoint- The In’s and Out’s

Flashpoint is coming to the CW’s The Flash for its third season. I am so glad that the production team are doing this, since the fans of the series, in addition to the comics, will finally be treated with the adaption of one of DC’s most famous story arcs. It’s even more famous as this story-line was the one that rebooted the ...

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