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Review: The Big Short

The Big Short tells three separate but parallel stories of four businessmen who foresaw and profited off the US mortgage-housing crisis of 2005 that would lead to one of the biggest economic meltdowns ever seen. We follow Michael Burry (Christian Bale), Mark Baum (Steve Carell), as well as Charlie Geller and Jamie Shipley who seek help from a retired Ben ...

New Barbies Are More Realistic

After making her debut in 1959 as a sporty Californian beach babe with unrealistic body proportions that have long sparked debate, Barbie is set to change and finally be more realistic. In TIME magazine, Mattel announced that Barbie will now come in three new body shapes and will also have seven new skin tones, eighteen eye colours and eighteen hairstyle representing a ...

Lego launches its first disabled minifig after petition

Campaigners petitioned for Lego to create mini figures that represent children with disabilities. They are now celebrating as this dream came true. Lego released its first young disabled figure. Promobricks, a fan blog shared pictures of the new upcoming set ‘fun in the park’ due for launch in June which features the boy in a wheelchair figure alongside a support ...

Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson in upcoming movie

Sky Arts are producing a movie about the story of Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando who go on a road trip following the 9/11 terror attacks.

Vanity Fair released details of the road trip in an interview with Tim Mendelson, Taylor's former personal assistant.

'Brando allegedly annoyed his colleagues by stopping at every KFC and Burger King they passed along the highway,'

'One can only imagine the shock their appearance caused at gas stations and rest stops across America.' writes Vanity Fair reporter Sam Kashner.

Stockard Channing is set to play Liz and Brian Cox Marlon, with Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson.

But people are little confused with the casting for the role of Michael Jackson:

Wait wait wait. Joseph Fiennes is playing MJ? This wasn't a joke?
— This Is Rochelle (@RR416) January 27, 2016

Congratulations to noted African-American actor Joseph Fiennes on being cast as Michael Jackson...
— Scott Mendelson (@ScottMend


Meanwhile In Japan… Pop Star Wins Right To Have A Boyfriend!

A 23-year-old female singer in Japan was sued for damages by her management company after having a relationship with a fan and breaking the “No dating” rule clause in her contract. The company were seeking 9.9million Yen. The singer who cannot be named for legal reasons signed a contact with the agency in 2012 which did in fact include a ...

Statuettes Are Not Always Golden… – Oscars 2016 Boycott

Hollywood is fragmented. At least, until the end of February. The recent boycott to the Academy, arranged by many entertainers of the Afro-American community has become so controversial that now it’s really tricky to make a statement without upsetting anybody. The more actors that speak out, the more controversy increases. And now, with the recent statements from other actors, it’s ...

Top 5 Fashion Accessories For The Perfect Winter Look

Winter isn’t just about the fashion outfits that are in season. It’s also about the accessories you pair with it to make the outfits reflect YOUR style. Without the right accessories you may actually end up looking dull and lack that extra something special. Here at Union Times, we’ve found the perfect five winter accessories that will take your winter ...

Is Suicide Squad The Saviour of The DC Cinematic Universe?

Earlier this week, Warner Bros dropped the first full-length trailer for this year’s Suicide Squad and it was phenomenal. All of my previous reservations and doubts about the film disappeared, replaced with unbridled excitement. Every aspect of the trailer was perfect, from Harley Quinn’s insane musings scored to the sounds of Bohemian Rhapsody to the quick-fire fun introductions of each ...

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