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Game developer sues Youtube critic for $10 Million

Jim Sterling a videogame critic on Youtube has a nemesis and it’s game developer Digital Homicide. On March 16, Digital Homicide formally filed a lawsuit in Arizona District Court, making the accusation that Sterling of “assault, libel, and slander” to the tune of $10 million. Digital Homicide claims that Sterling,  has “falsely accused [Digital Homicide] and caused damage” to the company. According to ...

Frank Sinatra Jr dead at 72

Frank Sinatra Jr. who carried on his father’s musical legacy has died at the age of 72. Sinatra Jr. died of a cardiac arrest while on tour in Daytona Beach, Florida. His real name was Francis Wayne Sinatra but the younger man went professionally by Frank Sinatra Jr. Sinatra was on his “Sinatra Sings Sinatra” tour,  scheduled to perform at ...

Hi De Hi Mr Laurel!

In August 2014, actor Jeffrey Holland (best known as Spike Dixon from Hi De Hi! and James Twelvetrees from You Rang M’Lord, back in the 1980’s), fulfilled an ambition – to play the late, great Stan Laurel. Holland played his idol in a one act play which he co-wrote with Gail Louw, at Upstairs at the Gatehouse and from there the demand ...

Indiana Jones 5 Confirmed

2015 was the year that made blockbuster revivals cool, with beloved franchises such as Jurassic World, Mad Max and Creed all enjoying great success, both critically and commercially. Not to mention Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ conquering of the global box office. This sounds like a good thing, as we get more of what we love. But I don’t trust big film studios.

I believe that they will use the success of these blockbuster revivals to flog us a dead horse of a franchise that should be LEFT ALONE. Today, the dead horse in question is Indiana Jones, which is getting a fifth installment that is scheduled to be released on 19th July 2019, with both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford set to return. The film is reported to expand the storyline to include younger actors but Indiana Jones will still be the main focus of the picture.

Disney announced the news on Tuesday with a statement from chairman, Alan Hone, “Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes of cinematic history, and we can’t wait to bring him back to the screen in 2019, it


The Seagull Theatre Review

Russian culture is synonymous with highly intellectual literature and equally strong alcohol, so the decision to stage The Seagull at the Pack and Carriage pub was an inspired one. The Seagull was written by Chekhov in the closing years of the 18th Century, and serves as a window into the relationships of the ensemble cast, while subtly describing the attitudes ...

Chinese soldiers smash CONCRETE with their heads

A video that is currently circulating on Chinese social media platform Weibo shows a group of Chinese soldiers breaking concrete blocks and porcelain bowls with their bare hands and heads. OUCH. And just when you thought you had seen it all..

Ultimate Easter egg for Game of Thrones fans

WOW. Check out this amazing Easter egg for Game of Thrones fans made by the Melt Chocolates team. The completely chocolate “Dragon Egg” was available to view at Selfridges last weekend and was made to celebrate the DVD release of season 5. It’s a whopping 22 inches tall and weighs 33lb. Yes, it really is that big. It almost looks too perfect ...

Graphic designers Photoshop trolling is hilarious

Graphic designer James Fridman takes requests for Photoshopping pictures. He specialises in editing photos for clients, but not exactly how they want them. The phrase “Be careful what you wish for” definitely comes to mind! Check out the hilarious photo edits below. All photos via James Fridman Instagram

Swedish girl looks just like Adele

We see celebrity “lookalikes” all the time, ones that look very much like the celebrities, and ones that bare no resemblance whatsoever. In the case of 22-year-old Ellinor Helborg from Sweden, we think she is the spitting image of Adele. (Though it does help that she has done her makeup in the style of the famous singer.) On Instagram she posted a ...

4 Oscars That Should Never Have Been Given…

Why does everyone trust the Academy that much? Theoretically, their mission is to award excellence even if sometimes, the awarded film (or actor) it’s not that excellent. The effect of this is always present: whenever people see that a film has an ‘Academy Award Winner’, it’s immediately classified as a reference and there are times in which that becomes unfair, or simply, not ...

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