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Selfridges Open Their Christmas Shop

Staff at Selfridges set up Christmas Shopping Shop 2016

We know, we know! Don’t blame the messenger but we must inform you that yes, Selfridges have indeed kicked off the 2016 festivities by opening their Christmas shop in August. You can read more below ✋

Power Up- London’s new gaming exhibition

Throughout the years, gaming has been a big part of our culture, whether you be thirteen or thirty, video games have engrossed us into an artificial world giving us the opportunity to escape the nightmares of the reality. Gaming and consoles have developed significantly as the year have gone by, to the point now, where we’re gearing up for VR ...

San Diego’s 2016 Comic-Con- The round up: Best & Worse of day 3 & 4

So this year’s Comic-Con is officially over and boy what a year it was! We had new trailers, new reveals, first looks at our new heroes and many more. I am going to run down the best and worse (yes there were some ‘bad’) parts of the second half of this year’s super convention. Throughout the week we were lucky enough to ...

Comic-Con: The Strange, The Bat and The Hairy

Year after year, San Diego Comic-Con (the Super Bowl of the film and TV world) delivers such a mountain of material that frankly it gets pretty hard for us to cover it without sacrificing any good writer’s sense of concision. We’ve had Defenders, Agents, Justice Leaguers and Suicide Squads, but that doesn’t mean this year was entirely fixated on ensembles. We turn our attention to the three big reveals that go beyond the business-as-usual blockbusters:
The Lego Batman Movie

2014’s The Lego Movie is quite easily one of the most unexpected smash hits of the past few years (and hands down the best animated film since Toy Story 3). When it was first announced that not only would we be getting a direct sequel, but also an entire spinoff dedicated to the antics of crime fighter (and ironically, scene-stealer) Batman, hype hit the sky like a custom-made Bat-spotlight. Marketing for the film has been underway for some time, with two teasers released over the past few months to generally favourable reaction, but we defy you not to think this full length t


Comic-con- Christmas for movie fans!

  In what is the first part of a Union Time’s Comic-con movie announcement special, this post will be looking at some of the great films revealed at 2016’s San Diego Comic-con. As a Marvel and DC comics fan myself, the event is quite literally like waking up on Christmas morning, excited about the prospect of what could be unveiled. ...

San Diego’s 2016 Comic-Con super week coverage- Preview night & Launch Day

San Diego’s Comic-Con is officially in full swing with the hordes of zombies, legions of Stormtroopers, leagues of superheroes and crews of Starfleet having already begun marauding their way in San Diego and boy what a couple of day’s we’ve already had. This year’s convention kicked off Wednesday evening with the festival’s preview night, where the lucky 4 day passers got the ...

San Diego’s 2016 Comic-Con super week coverage- The video game panels that we all need to see

It’s only 24 hours till this year’s Comic-Con preview night and this is the place to be for all things geeky. If you want to know about all the new announcements in regards to comic books, movies and anime, then look no further. However, also on the schedule for SDCC 2016 are video games to fill your button bashing needs. This year, several big-name developers/publishers will be ...

San Diego’s 2016 Comic-Con super week coverage- Coolest events to look for this year!

As San Diego’s 2016 Comic Con is about to touch down this week (20/07/2016), starting with their preview night on Wednesday; I am going to be providing up to date coverage each-day throughout this week, highlighting the event’s, news and the current ongoing of this years 74th annual extravaganza. If you’ve only just heard about this event or never came across it in the past, basically: San Diego’s Comic-Con is a ...

Fashionable Ways To Explore London This Summer

    London in the summer, is there anything as beautiful in comparison? Below, we here at Union Times have discovered a few ways you fashionistas can ramble the city in the glorious sunshine. Well, we might as well be honest, there will be rain. From the obvious shopping and events to museums and otherwise, you’ll be sure to discover ...

Euro 2016- The Tournament Where Football Won

As the dust finally settles on what came across as quite an underwhelming tournament in France, we can now look at how football finally won on the day. Before the tournament, much was made on the terrorism threat after the Paris attacks on the 13th November 2015, and although there were controlled explosions outside of the grounds, the terrorists didn’t ...

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