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5 Shakespearean Quotes…In 5 Non-Shakespearean Films

Now it’s over four hundred years since Shakespeare passed away. However, as it always happens with the greatest genius, he seems to be still alive; now more than ever. Because his work is still in everything: from our expressions to the most fabulous piece of art. It’s so deep in our roots that we still see some of his work without ...

Set The Boy Free

It’s been 29 years since British band The Smiths split up and a lot has happened since singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr parted ways. Not only has Johnny Marr played for various British bands including Indie Punk band The Cribs, he is just about to release his memoirs entitled ‘Set The Boy Free’. Today, The Guardian paper delivered a ...

8 Of The Best Film Parodies You’ll Ever Watch

If there was no cinema, there would probably be no cartoons. It’s a logical thought: the majority of what we see in animated features (regardless if they’re for children or not) has an inspirational source in most of well-know cinema classics…and therefore, it’s always nice to enjoy their essence in another atmosphere, even if it’s all about mocking them. With ...

10 of the most haunted places in Britain

Just in time for Halloween, here's a list of 10 of the most haunted places to visit in Britain- if you dare!


Village of Pluckley, Kent


Pluckley has a reputation as being the most haunted village in Britain- the Guinness Book of World Records even named it that in 1989.

According to locals, the Black Horse pub has an invisible phantom who makes himself known to punters by moving both glasses and possessions around the pub.

Between 12 and 16 ghosts have been reportedly sighted in the village. These include a screaming man and a highwayman who appears at Fright Corner.

Pluckley village has been featured in various TV shows and is a hotspot for ghost hunters.


Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon



Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon is known for being a beautiful castle in a picturesque town. Though beneath the beauty, according to locals the castle is haunt


A Weekend In Dublin: Your City Guide

Ireland is a small country full of remarkable, breathtaking places. One trip to its capital and it’s easy to see why Dublin is top of the list. Whatever misconception you have about Dublin, its expense or its drinking culture for example, should be noted as ill-formed. Dublin oozes culture and warmth, the perfect combination for welcome visitors. It may be small but ...

Fashion Awards 2016

The nominees for the Fashion Awards 2016 have been announced. The ceremony will be held at the London Royal Albert Hall on December the 5th in partnership with Swarovski alongside its ambassador who is no other than model Karlie Kloss. It aims at celebrating Fashion in its entirety including designers as well as new emerging talents and faces who are ...

Glastonbury 2017 is not so far away

The first act for Glastonbury 2017 has been confirmed and it is no other than…Radiohead. The band will be performing on the Pyramid stage in Worthy farm for the first time since 2003. Rumours of the band headlining the biggest UK festival started spreading through social media when a logo resembling the Radiohead one was shared leading people to a ...

SNAP, Crackle and Rock ‘n’ Role: Rockers sing BIG in aid for Special Needs and Parents

The current representational view of the world right now is pretty grim. From my recent experiences, most of what I’ve been reading/seeing contains violence, natural disaster and the political ‘satire’ that is happening in certain countries. Now, I know these are not the only things happening in the world during this present time, yet, it just feels like at times, ...

Wonder Woman at 75: The Face of Gender Equality

Throughout the years, there has been a number of discussions highlighting the idea that female characters are being under-presented in the comic industry. However, a lot has changed within our current society, we have a female prime-minister, a possible female president and females are getting more recognition in a number of sports such as football, rugby and the WWE. This ...

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