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My Top 10 Movies Of 2015

It’s that time of the year where we all gather and decide which films should make our Top 10 list. 2015 as a whole has seen films of nostalgia, superhero action, and box office hits all face off throughout the calendar year. In fact, 2015 has been one of contrasting films and genres coming into the mix. As for me? ...

Star Wars Episode VII: the reawakening of a franchise

The Force Awakens is a masterpiece that emulates and expands on everything that was good in the original Star Wars trilogy. If you haven’t seen it, you very simply need to. You’re also best advised not to read on just yet: to engage with the full scope of J.J. Abrams’ achievement, I’m going to be blasting out spoilers throughout this article. ...

J.K Rowling endorses the new Hermione

The choice for the role of Hermione in the upcoming theatre show “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is still regarded with so much controversy. But now, it seems that J.K Rowling’s showing up in Twitter, in order to support this decision, has been even more controversial than the decision itself. Two days ago, everyone was shocked to have found ...

Almost Performing A Murder – Woman Stabbed While Visiting An Art Gallery

This year's Art Basel Fair will be related to an unexpected episode that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with art. While visiting the exhibition of American artist Naomi Fisher, a 33-year-old woman named Shin Seo Young was stabbed in her right shoulder by another woman named Siyuan Zhao, aged 24. They both fought, but the sudden bleeding made her fall.

But what has been more surprising was the fact that no one asked for help at seeing Young bleeding on the floor. The reason for this was just because everyone thought that they were seeing a performance, as it all had happened in an art gallery. Many had thought that it was all planned, even when the police started to mark off the area and were comforting Young, who was covered in blood.

Some didn't even find out the truth until seeing how doctors were putting Young in a stretcher and rushed her to the hospital. No one could believe what was happening, not even the artist herself, Naomi Fisher, who was told about the episode by another artist who was also exhibiting his work in the same room. She would


An Insight From The Spotlight – Lenny Kravitz’s First Photographic Exhibition

Although it’s not the very first time that we’re seeing celebrities mocking paparazzis; it is the very first time that we’re seeing someone transforming it into art. Singer Lenny Kravitz has brought to the public a singular but really special collection of pictures that he has taken from paparazzis or fans who were constantly stalking at him. It all started ...

The power of music: Farinelli and the King

Farinelli and the King, showing at the Duke of York Theatre, is a powerful and evocative celebration of music and the arts. It is also that rare and brilliant thing: a true work of art in itself. Written by Claire van Kampen and directed by John Dove, it tells the story of the reclusive Spanish king Phillippe V. Mentally unstable ...

Black Friday Bargains of 2015

Ah, Black Friday is fast upon us. It’s easily the one day where literally anything and everything is up for grabs. People do not care for the welfare of others; if you’re in my way, I’m going to get you out of my way to get to what I want. That’s the Black Friday mentality. Doesn’t sound too great, does ...

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