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Email Threat Determined not Credible, LA Schools Reopen Wednesday


The FBI today announced that an email threat of violence against students, to include guns and explosives, was not a credible threat.

Schools in the Los Angeles School District were shut down today after a school board member received an email Monday evening from an IP address in Frankfurt, Germany. School officials announced the school closure shortly before 7 a.m. on Tuesday.


The Los Angeles Emergency Operation Center was activated at its lowest level according to Mayor Eric Garcetti.

After a 12-hour investigation, school officials determined the threat was not credible.


LA Superintendent Ramon Cortines indicated that it was important to take precaution based on the recent attack in San Bernardino.

“I do not want people to say, because sometimes things don’t result in a shooting or don’t result in a foiled plot, to not speak up and to not speak out,” Garcetti said. “If you see something, say something.”

New York City’s school system received a similar threat on the same day
according to New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. The email is described as “almost exactly the same” as the one received in Los Angeles.

New York Police sources told ABC News that the emailed threat to New York City Schools was received around 5 a.m. New York Mayor Bill Blasio called the threat generic and “outlandish” and that closing the schools would have been a disservice.

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