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Credit: Dyson.co.uk

Dyson creates new Supersonic hairdryer.

Dyson makes a move into the beauty industry with a five year project and £50 million worth of investment.


Credit: Dyson.co.uk

Credit: Dyson.co.uk

Technology is constantly making strides in the world, Dyson are following suit. In a move which is extraordinarily different to Dysons regular product, the new Dyson Supersonic does make perfect sense.

The company have pumped £50 million into a health and beauty lab at its British headquarters and have taken 5 years and 103 engineers to establish it’s first product, the Supersonic hairdryer, which is said to be eight times more powerful than a typical branded hairdryer on the market due to Dysons smallest & lightest but most advanced ever digital motor, the V9 (which is contained in the handle rather than the head). Sir James Dyson has said the company had taken a look at how damaging and intrusive the normal hairdryer is and completely reinvented in with their product. He added a study by Dyson undertook how much heat damage the hair can induce and have a limit of 150 degrees alongside controlled airflow within the new Supersonic. It has 4 heat settings and a cold setting that emit air through the rim of the hairdryers head with three magnetic attachments/nozzles with the proven intention that they won’t slip off. These include a smoothing nozzle, a diffuser and an attachment for professional stylists. Further studies undertaken by The Telegraph showed that it typically halved drying time for people it included in the research.

Akin Konizi, four times British Hairdresser of the Year was included in the development of the product which aims to attract the beauty industry with the hairdryers perks. He furthermore said that the product is ”revolutionary” for those akin and indeed, the public.

The Dyson Supersonic, which will go on sale in June, is priced from £299 with two versions; one for hairdressers additionally. You can sign up to Dyson here to get news updates on and own the Supersonic first.

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