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DUNKIRK – how the beach has changed since 1945


The French beach ‘Dunkirk’ is right next to Calais. In 1945 It was a target the Germans used to take over England during WW2 and to get to England the Germans had to push their way through Paris.

One the Germans reached the beach it was bombed for months as wel as German soldiers attaching the British, American and Canadian soldiers. The attack left 11,000 soldiers dead and 40,000 captured on this beach which was twenty miles and travelled through into Belgium from France.


When the attack was over and the Germans surrendered the beach looked totally ruined and was a place covered with nothing but smoke and bodies. 

An evacuation began at Dunkirk. The royal navy came to rescue the troops along with every small boat that could be found from locals. 338,226 soldiers were evacuated over the period of Eight days.

English, American and Canadian troops were on Five beaches to fight against the Germans, these beaches included Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword Beach. The evacuation was decided before the entire army was perished.

It is surprising how much can change from such a big and messy place since 1945. Today Dunkirk beach is known as a small and unknown place, which doesn’t actually have to be the case considering the size and the horrible history behind it.

The beach is a clean and fun place with shops and restaurants for tourists and locals to visit. Locals in France may speak French but English is a second language to them. It is a place often taken for granted.  From a recent visit to Dunkirk it has been proven to be a nice place that has a lot to give becides being known as just a smalll and unknown place.

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