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Doctor Who review: Under The Lake (Ep 3)

After the last two episodes of this season explaining the story of Davros, creator of the Daleks, the third episode of Doctor Who goes on a different tangent with its ghost plot / horror style storyline. 

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The first half starts in a rather familiar way we are used to with many Doctor Who episodes, establishing a team of vulnerable people in danger on a ship Alien (1979) style, but then really delivers in its second half.

The ghosts on the sunken mining ship are quite terrifying as they can manipulate the physical world and wield weapons which is how they kill their next victim.


The terror is somewhat defused however, when Clara and the Doctor arrive and stand right up to the two ghosts, one being an alien mole creature (which David Walliams played before in an earlier Who episode) and the other being the ship’s unfortunate crew member who is accidentally incinerated by a mini submarine ship’s engines.



The ghosts continue to say something although inaudible as they chase the crew and the Doctor throughout the ship which is where deaf Commander Cass (played by real life deaf actor Sophie Stone) is able to decipher their secret message.

The plot goes into ghost busting territory aboard the maze of corridors on the ship as they try to contain the ghouls. As the crew use a tactic to trap the ghosts all at the same time, the fear is not lost regardless of Clara’s almost fun enjoyment of it, because the ghosts just killed one of the crew members by drowning him in a tank moments before.

As always with Doctor Who anything that appears to be from the horror genre usually has an extra terrestrial explanation and there is no exception in this episode.

Spoilers ahead.



This episode has really left us on a cliffhanger, because  everything goes pear shaped and Clara and half the crew get left behind the door as the Doctor reaches his TARDIS. He promises to go back in time and get her but then she looks outside the window in the waters and notices the Doctor has died and become a ghost!

If there was ever a great cliffhanger in Doctor who that makes us want to know what went wrong then this is in the top 5.



As a casual watcher of the show I felt this episode was highly enjoyable and will have you gripped, until part two when we learn of what has happened to the Doctor..

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