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Dinosaur Adventure (2000) – Movie Review

Before I delve in to the wonderful world of “Dinosaur Adventure” some context of the production is needed. This film, though it’s only about 45 minutes, and many others like them are produced by a German company called Dingo Pictures. Their shtick is to knock out as many animated pictures as possible for as little effort as possible, and sell them on games consoles of all things. Why games consoles? Perhaps they felt they were too good for a DVD release, or perhaps they thought that the novelty of being on a PS2 would make parents more likely to buy it sight unseen.

This movie is bad, if I even needed to say it, but it’s a sort of bad that leaves you in a hypnotic stupor for about an hour after seeing it. Production values? I’ve seen more frames in an opticians. They recycle animation everywhere, from the opening establishing shot of dinosaurs walking (which I must have seen about a dozen times in this thing) to the weird leitmotif of cutting to someone laughing even if the conversation is about a volcano erupting. Although it has been said in other reviews of this film, it is quite obvious also that the character designs have been lifted from other more successful movies. The main character, Tio I think it is, is a direct copy of Chomper from The Land Before Time.

The movie is also a “so bad it’s good” sort of movie. In every scene there’s at least one quote or delivery that’s so mystifying that you just have to laugh. Highlights include:

Lip-syncing so bad that it’s hard to know who’s talking. (It also doesn’t help that there’s like 3 voice actors in this).
A creepy bird creature that likes to smash eggs with a hammer and finds secret meetings with young children dinosaurs exciting.

Credit Dingo Pictures

Credit Dingo Pictures

An ankylosaur that only speaks in rhyme for some reason.

A duck narrator that has nothing to do with the rest of the story.

Gorillas – in a film with dinosaurs.

And of course, the monster that haunts my fever dreams, the old teacher dinosaur…

Credit Dingo Pictures. The old teacher dinosaur.

Credit Dingo Pictures.
The old teacher dinosaur.

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