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Deschamps: Racist or not racist, that is so not the question!

The Real Madrid striker slammed the France coach for leaving him out of the the squad and the president of the nation’s football federation is disappointed with his outburst.



Indeed, the decision came as a surprise as the Real Madrid player had just won the Champion’s league the previous Saturday.

Benzema takes the blame on Didier Deschamps, French national Football team coach, who is the coach of the French Football team accusing him of being racist.

Didier Deschamps replied to Benzema’s accusations twenty four hours ago by only saying that he did not want to take part in such a controversial accusation. From his point of view, some players really love playing for the French team and want to use their passion for it in order to give their best on the ground. Indeed, Benzema has several times revealed that the country of his heart was in reality for him Algeria. As a consequence, playing for the French team did not mean a lot for him except on a professional aspect.’ France was only for the sport but nothing more.’ These are the unpatriotic words of the Real Madrid striker interviewed by the French daily newspaper ‘L’équipe’ in 2006. Let’s remember that on top of this, Karim Benzema has always refused to sing the French national anthem unlike his co-partners and even spat at the end of one during a football match between the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona only a few days after the dreadful attacks which took place in Paris.

Moreover, Benzema was suspended from France duty in December pending the outcome of a legal investigation into an alleged plot to blackmail fellow international Mathieu Valbuena in which he became embroiled.



It seems that the player easily puts the blame on the French coach without really taking into account his poor and disrespectful attitude from the last decade. There is no doubt that France is losing a very talented player for the Euro who is unfortunately not so gifted regarding his role model attributes for all his young admirers.

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