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Debris possibly from MH370 in France for inspection

The airplane debris which was discovered off the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean on Wednesday has been transported to a military laboratory in Toulouse.

Investigators will run a number of tests in order to identify if the debris may have belonged to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared in March last year.

The part has been identified as a flaperon, a part of the lower airplane wing, and experts suspect it belonged to a Boeing 777, the same type as the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft.


Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Martin Dolan, said the flaperon was likely to be debris of the MH370. “There is no other recorded case of a flaperon being lost from a Boeing 777,” Mr Dolan told AFP news agency.

Once it has identified the debris, the laboratory can run sophisticated tests in order to gather more information on the crash, for example if the plane exploded mid-air, or plummeted straight into the ocean.

A group of Malaysian officials headed to Reunion on Saturday to search for further debris, Reuters reported.

The Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished in March 2014 over the Indian Ocean and despite large search efforts, no part of the plane has yet been recovered. The 239 passengers on board have been assumed dead.

Map of search for MH370 (Image by Soerfm)

Map of search for MH370 (Image by Soerfm)


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