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David Bowie: How well do you know our friend?

After 18 months fighting a battle with cancer, the creative enigma David Bowie has left us in body but never in spirit. In his 69 years, Bowie achieved and mastered the power of imagination and creativity, artistically, lyrically, as a designer, actor and while wearing many other hats.

“As was the case with Miles Davis in jazz, Bowie has come not just to represent his innovations but to symbolize modern rock as an idiom in which literacy, art, fashion, style, sexual exploration and social commentary can be rolled into one.” Rolling Stone magazine

Bowie spent his life writing and performing what he wanted, when he wanted and the world listened. Switching styles and moods effortlessly he shocked the culture. His early song-writing talent, later becoming rock-n-roll’s finest work, although it took the rest of the world a few years to catch up!

How well do you know David Bowie:

  1. What is David Bowies original birth name?
  2. In what song would you find the lyrics: “Those who feel me near pull the blinds and change their minds”?
  3. Which album cover features a picture of David Bowie in profile?
  4. Who tutored David Bowie as a child in Saxophone?
  5. Played the lead role in what 1986 movie?
  6. What lead did Bowie play on Broadway?
  7. What movie did Bowie first star in as a lead
  8. What color are David’s eyes?
  9. What’s the name of his first child?
  10. What means of travel would he prefer?

Answers Below


  1. David Robert Jones
  2. Cat People (Putting out Fire)
  3. The picture used for the cover of “Low” was an altered still from the movie “The Man Who Fell To Earth.”
  4. Ronnie Ross who played tenor saxophone on the Beatles track  played tenor saxophone on “Savoy Truffle”    
  5. David Bowie played the role of Jareth, the Gobblin King in the movie “Labyrinth”.  He wrote five songs and sang four for the movie.
  6. Elephant Man
  7. The man who fell to Earth.
  8. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. Apparently it happened when he was punched at 15, from a friend, over a girl!
  9. Zowie- He later reverted to using the name Duncan Jones at the age of 18
  10. Bowie hates flying. He would rather travel by train or boat.

RIP David Robert Jones: David Bowie





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