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‘Damn, Daniel’ viral star leads to swatting prank and guest appearance on Ellen

The ‘Damn Daniel’ video has gone viral with more than 45 million views in just one week.

The Damn Daniel video creators are quickly finding the price of their 15 minutes of fame or rather 15 seconds of vine fame.

A pair of white Vans are being auctioned off falsely as Daniel’s with one bid reaching a staggering $400,000.



Rumors also circulated claiming that Daniel was beaten up and robbed of his white Vans. This was false, but some Twitter users hastily posted condolences with the hashtag #DamnPrayForDaniel.

Swatting call prank (ABCnews)

Swatting call prank (ABCnews)

On Tuesday Daniel’s cameraman, Josh Holz was a victim of a swatting call. Someone called the police in a modified voice claiming to have shot his mother using an AK47. These false claim ‘pranks’ usually happen when someone is live streaming a video game play through or some live event at their house. The police have to take such calls seriously and will raid the house with live weapons. This is caught on camera because of the live stream, and the location of the presenter to the camera.


On a better note from their new found fame the two friends appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show on February 24th. Josh was given a ‘Damn Daniel’ surfboard by Ellen and Daniel was given a lifetime supple of Vans shoes.

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