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Daisy Ridley Eyed For Tomb Raider Reboot

The overwhelmingly positive reaction to Star Wars: The Force Awakens was always going to boost its relatively unknown actors to stardom, and for Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, the sky is truly the limit as job offers must be flooding in for the young hopefuls. Every big studio must be eyeing them up for some sort of reboot or sequel or prequel as they seek to cash in on the titanic success of Star Wars’ return to our hearts.

This may be sooner rather than later as Deadline are reporting that Daisy Ridley is being lined up to play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot that is being produced by a Warner Bros and MGM partnership. Of course, there is nothing official yet or even any solid rumours beyond that the producers are very interested but Daisy Ridley as Lara Croft would be a deft move from the studio that would ignite interest for the ordinary movie-going audience in the iconic video game character.

Picture: Disney, LucasFilm

Picture: Disney, LucasFilm

For a little bit of background for those unfamiliar, Lara Croft is an English archeologist who travels the world in search of forgotten artifacts and locations, always running unexpectedly into supernatural powers. A video game series heavily inspired by Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider boasts one of the most iconic and recognizable characters in the industry that has featured in no less than 10 video games and 2 (very poor) movies since 1996.

And Daisy Ridley would be a perfect fit to play the titular Tomb Raider, a young, talented British actress who has shown a flair for playing strong, independent female characters on the biggest stage of all. She is even more perfect when you consider the 2013 reboot of the video game series that presented a more realistic, vulnerable Lara that wasn’t sexually exploited in her marketing. It became about her character, and her burning desire to survive rather than being able to supposedly enter a mythical cheat code and see her naked.

Picture - Gamespot

Picture – Gamespot

Ridley has showcased her talent for bringing charm and charisma to the Star Wars universe with Rey, without having to be sexualized by the film-makers (golden bikini, anyone?), and has cemented herself as a role model for millions of young women everywhere. In her own stint as Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie’s portrayal was much more influenced by the Tomb Raider of the 90’s, sexy, suave and very handy with a set of pistols but fundamentally a lot more boring than the 2013 reboot. Yeah, she shoots bad guys and she looks cool doing it but Lara doesn’t learn anything from it, she doesn’t have any intriguing character development or even an ounce of the relatability that Daisy Ridley made us feel as Rey.

Whether this rumour turns out to be true or not, it certainly suggests that Hollywood are finally starting to see the financial benefits of bringing strong female characters to audiences that aren’t relegated to mere love interests, as films like Hunger Games, Star Wars: Force Awakens and even Mad Max: Fury Road have proven.

And there can never be too many strong female leads in film.

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