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Cruel animal abuser who filmed video of himself throwing boiling water on cat identified

A man who filmed himself throwing boiling water on a cat, has sparked outrage and a public manhunt.

In the video the cat is sitting next a litter tray when the man calls the cat to come closer. He pours the boiling hot water on the cat, making it panic and howl in pain.

Social media users called for the man to be ‘skinned alive’

Several Police departments in North Carolina reportedly investigated the video after rumours spread that this was where it was recorded. The incident however has now been confirmed as taking place in Chicago.

Luckily the cat was not killed. In the video, the cat can be seen running off of the deck while screeching after being hit by the water. Police told the Chicago Tribune the feline was last seen alive in the area of South Kind Drive, but ran off when officers tried to catch it.

The man responsible has been identified by police as Leon Teague who uses the nickname “GlockBoy MurDoc,” on Facebook. It was on that now-deleted page where he posted the video that led to his arrest.

Leon Teague goes by the nickname “GlockBoy MurDoc.” (Facebook)

A petition was started on the website YourSignAnimals.org to call attention to the video.

“The man has no fear of admitting his actions, claiming the cat annoyed him very much because it likes to comes in people’s houses and meows ‘histerically’, asking for a bite to eat.
So this monster took it upon himself to teach this innocent cat a lesson it would never forget,” the person who started the petition said. “No cat deserves such treatment. And the fact that this boy is laughing while committing this terrible attack makes it even worse. Not to mention the fact that he had his buddies film the entire scene and later boasted about it online!”

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