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Could the Lorica armour system be the future of martial arts?

Imagine standing in a crowded arena surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, as you all watch two people hacking away at each other with swords and axes.

Though it may seem like a glimpse of the past, this spectacle could also very well be the future of combat sports thanks to the people at Unified Weapons Master, and Australian start up company who plan to bring the sights and sounds of Spartacus into the modern age.

This is made possible by the ‘Lorica’ a suit of armour with inbuilt sensors which both protect the wearer from serious harm while measuring the damage blows would cause an unprotected fighter.


This brings a level of accuracy to combat sports rarely seen outside of the more genteel world of fencing, though this promises to work on a much grander scale.

The suits feature inbuilt cameras and monitors for measuring heart-rate, body temperature and even oxygen levels and also come equipped with inbuilt cooling systems.

lorica pose

Chief Medical Specialist Dr Nick Fletcher combined 19th Century medical journals and modern medical research to improve the system, something never seen before in sport.

From sample footage UWM have put out when the data is used alongside camera footage, it seems spectators will be in for the most realistic game of Street Fighter imaginable.

A spokesperson for UWM said: “Until now the opportunities for weapon-based martial artists to compete in true, full combat have been limited due to the fear of serious injury, and the inability to objectively determine the outcome.

light lorica

“UWM’s highly advanced, intelligent armour can withstand high impact strikes from real but blunt martial arts weapons. The armour also encapsulates technology that calculates the force and location of each strike to determine in real time who the winner would have been if the competitors were unprotected.

“Not since the age of the Colosseum have large scale audiences been able to watch live, full contact, weapons based combat in a dynamic format. UWM will change this forever.”

UWM plan to hold their inaugural fights in Australia in 2016, and then to expand worldwide the year after.

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