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Comic Cons ~ Paradise for Big Kids

In this fast-paced and stressful world we’re living in, it’s hardly surprising that the desire to escape to another universe is strong from time to time. One of the most popular events for letting off steam, indulging your inner or outer geek and blatantly enjoying hobbies such as film, television and gaming, is a Comic Con.

They provide an opportunity for escapism as fans dress up as their favourite characters (cosplay) and it’s the one place that you can see the likes Superman, Batman, Star Wars characters and Jessica Rabbit walking around at their leisure – and not be concerned that you have walked into a parallel universe!

I’ve attended a number of these over the years and they get bigger and better every time, the cosplayers seem to multiply and the costumes are almost scarily accurate. There’s a superb variety of stalls available – so it’s always wise to take plenty of money, you never know what little nuggets you might come across if you have the time and inclination to hunt!

Tickets are reasonably priced at all of the events I’ve checked out and many take place over weekends, so you can stay in the ‘bubble’ longer if the fancy takes you. Comic Cons also provide a great opportunity to meet your heroes, be they stars associated with television, films, Anime or sport. Most Cons offer a photo shoot opportunity to get that once in a lifetime photograph with your idol.

Popularity of these events has grown, the demand is huge and you’ll be hard pushed to find an area of the UK that doesn’t offer one at least once a year. If you’ve never been before and you think it sounds like something you’d enjoy, I can highly recommend it as a super-fun day out!


Photo Courtesy of Fame Magazine

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