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Comic-con- Christmas for movie fans!


In what is the first part of a Union Time’s Comic-con movie announcement special, this post will be looking at some of the great films revealed at 2016’s San Diego Comic-con. As a Marvel and DC comics fan myself, the event is quite literally like waking up on Christmas morning, excited about the prospect of what could be unveiled.

Trailer from the Wonder Woman film, due to to be released in 2017, uploaded by Warner Bros

As a big comicbook movie fan, this weekend has been a really exciting one, and I have enjoyed seeing what is being released and by who. In Marvel comics corner, we have had the Doctor Strange trailer released, we have had cast confirmations for Black Panther, Spider-Man Homecoming, we have had plot details for Thor Ragnarok confirmed, Guardians of the Galaxy II has had a trailer released. On the TV side, we have had the release of the new X-Men spin-off Legion, as well as the re-imaging of Ghost Rider for Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

Uploaded by TV promos, highlighting Marvel’s Agents of Shield season 4

Trailer for Legion, the X-Men spin off, released by Marvel Entertainment

Marvel also portrayed their newest group of superheros, the Defenders, which will be made up of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and the Punisher (apparently). Not to mention, they released trailers for the new Luke Cage and Iron Fist seasons, getting fans more excited about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Expanding, and justifying why we should pay Netflix fees.

Trailer for the Defenders, Uploaded by Netflix

Trailer for Luke Cage, uploaded by Netflix

Trailer for Iron Fist, uploaded by Netflix

In the DC corner, we have had trailers released for Arrow Season 5, Flash Season 3, Gotham Season 3, and cast confirmation for Supergirl season 2. But it’s in the movies where DC have really excelled. Firstly they released a few more clips from this summer’s biggest movie, Suicide Squad, which bosses an extremely large cast. For those of you not familiar with the premise of Suicide Squad, the basic plot is that the government use villains such as Harley Quinn to defend the earth, do jobs for the government, the idea being that if anything goes wrong, they are the fall guys. It is a different direction for DC movies to go, and certainly looks to be an exciting one.

Video uploaded by Warner Bros, the final trailer for Suicide Squad

One of the biggest trailers released was Wonder Woman, due for release in 2017. In the Batman v Superman film which just about pleased people, Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the Amazonian princess was one of the standout moments of the film. Now in the first solo Wonder Woman film, this brilliant character looks to shine once more.

Music by Junkie XL, the Wonder Woman theme from the Batman v Superman film, uploaded by Raiden

As soon as I heard the Wonder Woman theme from the Batman film at the end of the trailer, I got really excited about the film. It features Chris Pine, and is based in World War 1 as Wonder Woman helps the American’s fight the Germans. This film looks to have destroyed the stereotype that women superhero based films are poor, and hopefully we will see many more come from this.

Clip from the Justice League film, uploaded by Warner Bros

For years, fans have been begging for a Justice League film, and now we seem to have finally got it. The clip shows Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Cyborg, as they fight against a dark force, and team up for the first time. Although it didn’t give too much away, it very much followed on from the Batman v Superman film, with Bruce Wayne trying to get a team together. Considering the arsenal DC have at their disposal, people will be hoping this film is better than Batman v Superman, and Green Lantern. Given their dark direction, this film should definitely be interesting.

Image from Cinema Blend of Ryan Reynolds

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