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Sousse beach: Police entering the scene after the shooting- @RT_com

Cold blooded attack on tourists on Sousse beach, Tunisia

The BBC have confirmed that at least 27 people have been killed in a shooting on a beach in Sousse, Tunisia. 

Sousse is a beach resort frequented by European and international tourists. The nationalities of the dead have been confirmed so far as British, Belgium and German. Huffington Post have confirmed 6 nationalities in total to be amongst the dead.

Gunmen open fired on beach goers whilst they were in their sunbeds.


Officials have confirmed that one gunman has been arrested and detained, whilst the other is still being pursued. The Gunmen are thought to have been 2 young men, armed with semi-automatic weapons. The attack has come during the time of Ramadan, so it is thought to have been orchestrated by IS Militants or an affiliate group, although this has not been confirmed yet.

Local media have reported that the second gunman has been arrested, although this is also yet to be confirmed.

Reports came in on 2 other attacks today:

  • 25 Confirmed dead after Islamist attack at Mosque in Kuwait
  • Suicide bombing at glass factory near Lyon France- leaving a man decapitated- an Islamist flag was found at the scene
Emergency services at the scene in Grenoble Photo:

Emergency services at the scene in Grenoble Photo:

Scene after Kuwait Mosque Bombing- @nytimesworld

Scene after Kuwait Mosque Bombing- @nytimesworld

It is likely all three attacks have been carried out by Islamic Militants. An IS affiliated group have confirmed that they were behind the attack in Kuwait. The victim who was decapitated in Lyon was found amongst a flag featuring Islamist Inscriptions as confirmed by The Guardian.

Updates continue to pour in on social media.

The scale of these attacks will make the West evaluate the dangers of IS yet again. Unfortunately, a sense of paranoia in western countries is only likely to increase.

By Dominic Rickard

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